Man Tries To Attack Based Stick Man – REGRETS IT IMMEDIATELY

Muh Constitution

SACRAMENTO – Following a very peaceful rally in Sacramento, CA on July 8th, a scuffle broke out between David Fadda of ‘Liberty Revival Alliance’ and Kyle Chapman (AKA Based Stickman.) The video footage of the fight shows Fadda confronting Chapman about some disagreements they had, mainly regarding a short discussion Chapman had previously with Nathan Damigo, who is the head of the Identity Evropa organization.

After Fadda accused Chapman of associating with a white nationalist, and ridiculing Rich Black, the man who helped Chapman organize a rally in Berkeley on April 15th, things got heated.  The man pushed Kyle chapman provoking a fight between the two.

Three reporters for The Red Elephants also attended this rally but apparently this occurrence took place a few hours after they had left the rally to cover a spontaneous march through Berkeley that was about to take place.

After things were broken up, the two exchanged a few words yet again ending with Fadd telling Chapman to ‘go back to jail,’ referring to Chapman’s history as a young man that had been cleared up long ago.

Now we move to the ‘op-ed’ portion of this article…

This is why the alt-lite is getting more and more cringe.  This is why the alt-lite and ‘boomer conservative style’ is becoming more and more unattractive to up-and-coming conservatives.  These instances are proof of why the alt-right is more attractive to the younger generation-z.

Frankly, I’m tired of fake free speech advocates like these that claim they are ‘for free speech,’ yet call everyone nazis and ‘white nationalists.’  They berate people on the right solely for having a conversation with someone they deem a ‘nazi.’

In my personal opinion, we don’t need these types in this movement.  You would do a lot better with Antifa and the left.