My counter to the hit-piece articles published by its going down and the daily beast


Andrew Breitbart and Dan Sandini, founder of DAYLIGHT DISINFECTANT ,are the influences who encouraged my foray into Citizen Journalism.

Besides defense of what I believe in, and a way to contribute, I am fervent about honesty and facts, too many Americans believe  the spin the news outlet they listen to, read or watch.

Here in my hometown ,Portland Oregon, the ANTIFA movement of violence and destruction is front and center, all Citizens in the metro area have to deal with their antics directly or indirectly on a daily basis.

The election of President Trump and loss of the House and Senate, has brought the Left’s simmering anger to a boiling point, the entitlement mentality and blue state justice system employed by ultra-liberal Portland has enabled violent extremist groups such as Rose City ANTIFA, La-Raza, Black Lives Matter and many others to block traffic, attack Trump Supporters, destroy property, and malign the Law Enforcement trying to uphold peace and do their job.

In the last 24 hours, 2 blogs have published excoriating articles trashing Trump Supporters, Patriots, Proud Boys, and Washington State Senate candidate Joey Gibson.

I would like to clarify misleading statements both articles are stating as facts…

I was present filming during the events they illustrate in their articles.

Unlike these biased articles, I have video of their accusations, I am posting some on this blog to back up the facts, the organizations publishing these 2 articles obviously bases the supposed incidents against Proud Boys and others, on the interpretation of ANTIFA and allies.

I will address The Daily Beast article first.

The title of their article “RIGHT-WING BRAWLERS HEAD TO THE HEART OF ANTIFA COUNTRY” speaks volumes , obviously penned to bait views.

ANTIFA COUNTRY ? what makes this ANTIFA country, is THE BEAST proclaiming the Pacific Northwest belongs to ANTIFA?

RIGHT WING BRAWLERS? The Proud Boys among many others appeared to protect the speakers and spectators from the threats articulated by ANTIFA (the video included in this article, clearly shows ANTIFA engaging Patriots who obtained a permit to assemble) ANTIFA provoked the fight , they brought deadly weapons to OUR event in order to carry out their own justice and retribution.

THE BEAST continues “Rufio became the latest star of right-wing brawlers by bringing down, with a single punch the smaller victim” ,the ANTIFA attacker had deployed a telescopic baton , took a swing , Rufio with his BARE HANDS, grabbed the weapon in midair with one hand while punching the aggressor with the other.

Is that your problem DAILY BEAST? Men of courage need only strength and conviction to subdue thugs countering with clubs, explosives, pepper spray, and other cowardly means?

THE BEAST then praises the masked domestic terrorist hiding behind a mask and pseudonym “DAVID ROSE”, testifying jubilantly “Joey Gibson,s attacks claiming self defense is a straight-up lie”

Based on the behavior i witness by ANTIFA, I call B.S.!

The second piece of yellow journalist slander comes from a blog infamous for encouraging violence, and providing cover to ANTIFA and any other hate group willing to do their dirty work of destroying America , this group is called ITS GOING DOWN.


I have resided in Portland for over 25 years, as a conservative, I have been labled by ANTIFA an  outcast , a Nazi, and a white privilege bully, the Democrat occupied City Hall pummels Me with taxes, wasteful spending, and it fosters Illegal Aliens, drug offenders, and child molesters.

The City sides with the anarchists and extremists while ostracized Law enforcement struggle to do their job hoping their supervisors don’t throw them under the bus, Portland celebrates dissent and glorifies hedonism while becoming a expensive place to live, and treating Corporate business like third world dictators while allowing downtown to become a scary place to do business or bring your family.

Joey Gibson has a valid point, the City of Portland is a laughingstock, ask a citizen of New York, Florida, Texas, any state USA…”what comes to mind when I say Portland Oregon?”

Weird, Socialist, quirky, dirty, Keep Portland Weird…thanks to the anything goes mentality, we manage to live up to… or down to the City portrayed in IFC’s PORTLANDIA.

This is the defining statement from the ITS GOING DOWN piece that truly paints a picture of its propaganda ” luckily enough, anti-racist and anti-fascist organizations and community are coming together to denounce Joey Gibson and his violent racist followers”


That statement speaks volumes about the legitimacy of the far left outfit ITS GOING DOWN, they are an extremist blog encouraging hatred and violence towards Trump Supporters and mainstream Americans who love their Country, and simply want whats best for their Families.

I believe Americans want the truth, not garbage peddled as legitimate news, despite what the left believes, Americans are intelligent, well meaning humans ,not looking for conflict, but resolution that benefits all, they see trash like these articles for what they are… slam propaganda generated to start rumors and hurt good folks trying to live an honest life.

Video and first hand presence doesn’t lie, however progressive propaganda blogs do!

God Bless

Leo Stratton