ABC Reporter Calls Conservative Group Helping In Houston ‘White Supremacists’ – Regrets It Immediately

You Are Fake News!

Miya Shay, a reporter for ABC 13 In Houston visited a small Cambodian community where Trump supporters were helping families rebuild and clean up debris after hurricane Harvey ripped through the area.  Upon arriving on the scene, Shay approached the crew which included Francis Marion, founder of American Freedom Keepers, and told them that some people from the Cambodian community called and were concerned that there were ‘white supremacists’ in their community.  This accusation was followed by her pointing out the shirt that Francis Marion was wearing which depicted the confederate flag.

Directly after overhearing the reporter attempting to defame the heroes, three of the Cambodian citizens confronted her, saying that she was being disrespectful and that the small Trump supporting crew helped them “more than anyone else was willing to.”  They continued to say that even FEMA and the Red Cross hadn’t helped at all and that the Trump supporters were the only ones to help rebuild buildings, clean up debris and help the elderly in the small Cambodian community.

The ABC 13 camera man and Shay were triggered, trying to find anything they could in their near surroundings to put in their fake story about white supremacists in Houston during the hurricane.  they were clearly flustered when the Cambodian community that they said they were so ‘concerned for’ suddenly turned on her.

Here is the video below of the confrontation…

Anti white posts and reports are not new to Shay, she has made several posts on her Facebook profile, which is verified, about white people.  For instance this post from within a home store in the paint section where she cutely points to “too many shades of white,” obviously referring to white people.  A victim of cultural marxist curriculum in school? Probably.  Either way she was clearly trying to stage a story a Houston.

She tweeted right before she arrived on the scene where patriots were helping saying that the group helping following the aftermath were ‘anti-government.’  She then proceeded to call them ‘white supremacists’ as you have seen in the video.

Here is her tweet which received a barrage of backlash from people who were there as well as people who were outraged by the live video they saw.

Here are some of the responses she received.  Some of which were from Robert Zerfing, the founder of the Common Sense Conservative on Facebook.  His page has almost a half of a million followers.