Journalist DESTROYS Twitter CEO on Censorship and Bias Against Conservatives

Tim Pool, one of the only objective journalists left in the media, recently appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast on YouTube to debate Twitter founder Jack Dorsey on censorship.

Pool, specifically wanted to debate how the social media platform handles people who do not believe in trans people or acknowledging people with their chosen pronoun, an act deemed misgendering which is directly in Twitter’s rules.

Pool also touched on the verified accounts attacking the Covington Catholic kids not being reprimanded from twitter while other verified accounts have been reprimanded for much less, including Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and others.

Pool appeared to have come out on top by the end of the podcast, leaving Dorsey and his lawyer speechless on several occasions.

The topic of ‘misgendering’ came up several times during the podcast and the fact that Twitter has this in their specific rules is ideological in itself argued Pool and Rogan.

“You have a specific rule for one set of people and there — so there are people who have general body dysphoria,” Pool said. “You don’t have rules on that. There are people who have actually amputated their own arms. You don’t have rules on that. You have a very specific rules-set and more importantly, in the context of a targeted conversation I can say a whole bunch of things that could never be considered a rule-break but that one is which is ideologically driven.”

“Our intent is not to police ideology. Our intent is to police behaviors that we view as abusive and harassment and I hear your point of view and I’ll definitely discuss with our team,” Gadde responded.

“It is an ideology,” Rogan said. “If she is saying a man is never a woman, if that is what she’s saying, and then biologically she’s correct we obviously have a debate here. This is not a clear cut [issue]. This is not something you can say water is wet, this is dry. This is not something that you can prove. This is something that you have to acknowledge that there is an understanding that someone who is a trans person we all agree to consider them a woman and to think of them as a woman, to talk to them, to address them with their preferred names and preferred pronouns. But biologically this is not accurate. We have a divide here. We have a divide with the conservative estimation of what’s happening and then the definition that’s the liberal definition of it.”

Rogan said he disagreed with the rule because people are expressing what is biologically accurate. The specific case they were talking about is Meghan Murphy, a self-described feminist, who was banned for misgendering.

“I understand why people would not agree with the rule,” Gadde responded. “But that being said, it is a rule on our platform and once you are warned about the rule to repeatedly post the same content is also going to be a violation of our rules.”

“This seems like a good example of an ideologically based rule,” Rogan said. “If she is saying that a man is never a woman, though, that is not in that context harassment. That is a very specific opinion that she has that happens to be biologically accurate.”