4chan Trolls Volunteer to Make Calls for The Biden Campaign — Hurl Racism & Sexism at Democrat Voters

Internet trolls on the infamous image board known as 4chan have signed up to make phone calls on behalf of the Joe Biden presidential campaign, vowing to spew racism and sexism at any Democrat who answers the phone.

I’ve been volunteering all week here in PA for a biden camp. Mostly just sending out text messages on an online platform they have me using. They have some scripted responses they want us to copypasta, but I don’t use it at all.
Every one of these texts or calls I make are to people who are already registered Dem and mostly Bernie supporters since they are most likely to just sit out the election. I make sure to bring up the fact that NONE of the news about Hunters laptop is true. Even if they don’t say anything about it I normally will say something like
>Joe Biden really needs your support this year in Pennsylvania to prevent 4 more years of you know who. And remember none of the news about Hunter Biden having consensual intercourse with his minor family members is true.
The bernouts are a little harder, so normally I just have to hit them with the fact Biden sponsored legislation to prevent student loan debt from being discharged in bankruptcy

The trolls signed up to aid the Biden campaign through the joebiden.com/take-action/ link where anyone can sign up and make phone calls to help encourage voter turnout.

The 4chan trolls claimed to have been calling voters posing as Biden staffers, and plan to recruit more trolls for their campaign.

One of the more creative posts reads:

Great choices are the highly believable ones, plus make sure to say everything in a authoritarian, bossy, manipulative tone too.
Some great examples can be:
>”He will get rid of the borders so even serial killers get a second chance, as everyone should want if they are not a racist”
>”He will save the climate by getting rid of disgusting gasoline and racists who drive gas powered cars”
>”He will only shut down the country for a couple of years, and only bigots and sexists want the nation to be continuing to infect everyone in the world”
>”He will make the racist whites pay more money to help the blacks, who are all poor and needing help always”
>”He supports getting rid of both guns and the police, as they are nothing but tools of oppression and racism, as only racists need either of them”
>”He will create a hotline that can be called to get anti-mask wearers arrested for not wearing a mask all the time, which only psycho serial killers do”

Man, I never knew how easy it was to be a democrat lol, just think of what can hurt the whites the most, and say it, and you are done lol

Another one of the trolls posts:

Focus on discussing the exact things he’s “not guilty” of in an effort to get ahead of right wing propaganda.

>You’ve probably heard Joe made billions in china during off. That’s wrong, he only arranged it while he was in office.
>You’ve probably heard that Joe’s son was paid by the mayor of moscow, but Joe never received any of this money.

Democrats who answer their phones could have their opinions drastically altered if they were to learn what the Biden campaign had in store if they actually win the presidency.