4Chan Admits On Radio Show They Made The Story Up

How far will the left go in their path to discredit and delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump? However far they go, it would not shock any of us I’m sure.  It started with “uneducated racist white” voters, then it went to Russia, then they blamed Comey, then Pelosi blamed third party voters, and then of course fake news and now finally we are back to Russia…. with a twist.

The newest attempt by the bottom dwelling democrats and liberals alike, is #PissGate.  A story that we are now finding out was fabricated by a chatroom called 4Chan. It was an off-the-wall ridiculous piece about several alleged Russian hookers that essentially waterboarded Donald Trump with their urine in a seedy Moscow Motel 6.

Aside from the hilarity of Huffington Post actually publishing this story as real news, the part that sticks out the most, is the infamous Huff Po wrote an article just a few weeks prior called “How To Recognize Fake News.”  The article gives a list of instruction on how to spot fake news including; “Look for what news outlets are also reporting on the same story,” “beware of bias” and doozies like “think before you share.”

Of course against their own advice, they did none of these things.  This is just one of the many stories Huff Po published and CNN ran with, that were completely and utterly false.  Some of these stories proven false we have listed here.

The lead man on the totem pole at 4chan went on the Savage Nation radio show the other day and debunked all of these notions about the Russian “wet-work,” saying that they actually made the whole story up to see how far the media would run with it, and they have proof.

We play the soundbite in this video: