4 Year Old Murdered Over Stimulus Check — Perps Face Death Penalty Over the Incident

It seems that when you think things couldn’t get any worse than they already are, things get worse.

A grand jury in Mahoning County indicted two additional people on aggravated murder charges with death penalty possible for the September shooting death of a White 4-year-old boy.

Brandon Crump and Andre Stephon McCoy of Redondo Road face four counts of attempted murder as well as aggravated robbery for the Sept. 21 home invasion at a Perry Street home that led to the death of Rowan Sweeney, 4. Kimonie Bryant, 24 has been charged with aggravated murder for Sweeney’s death.

Sweeney was killed in the home of his mother when a group of people went there to rob a man of his stimulus check.

2 additional suspects indicted for murder in death 4-year-old Struthers boy

Crump was arrested before in November on a warrant for aggravated robbery with a firearm specification and originally charged in juvenile court. His case was bound over to common pleas court in early March.

According WKBN, “the death penalty specifications for the three aggravated murder defendants say that they should receive the death penalty if jurors find them guilty of aggravated murder because the child was killed while the defendants were committing another felony; because the victim was under 13; and that the child was killed during a course of conduct that could have resulted in the deaths of two or more people.”

There is not a whole lot to say. These stories are happening very day across the Unites States of America, except they barely make the news because our media is actively attempting to brainwash you into believing that this isn’t happening at all and that you are also evil because you are a white person.

Let’s pray that justice is served in the form of lethal injection.