Over 300 Fake Hate Crimes in the Past Two Years and the Media Retracted Almost None of Them

Fake Hate Surges


Verified twitter user and Journalist, Andy Ngo has been posting some of the past ‘hate crimes’ that have proven to be fake in a tweet thread recently showing exactly why most Americans are losing their trust in the mainstream media.

This reminded me of the website fakehatecrimes.org A website that has been cataloging almost all of the hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes for the past two years.  The site is under a DDOS attack from the left as I write this but likely will be back up soon for you to take a look.

The media has had a terrible track record for fake news over the past couple of months and Americans are starting to wake up to their rage-bait falsehoods.  From Buzzfeed / Trump Russia collusion proof, to Covington Catholic almost the very next day, to Jussie Smollett reportedly staging a fake hate crime, the media has been looking pretty bad lately.

On top of this, they refuse to provide you with the real statistics.  Not only do they constantly lie about the real statistics of crime by illegal aliens which you can find here, but they also have been lying about hate crime statistics.

According to the FBI 2016 hate crime statistics, black Americans who make up only 13% of the population, committed almost one quarter of all of the hate crimes in that year. White Americans who make up 62% of the entire American population, committed only 38% of all hate crimes in that year. This means that black Americans are overrepresented in hate crimes and white Americans are under their population representation.

This also means that when you take 100,000 white Americans and 100,000 black Americans, you will get more black Americans who commit hate crimes compared to white Americans.  The statistics per 100,000 look like this.