Interview With The ‘Cuck Knight’

You Decide: Does This Set The Record Straight?

Many rumors are swirling around the internet and the alt-right community regarding a certain figure known as “Cuck Knight.”  This barrage of internet trolling came when Sean Van Duser, known now as the ‘Cuck Knight,’ went up to a group of southern nationalists during a New Orleans monument protection event and kicked down a confederate flag the group had been holding. This decision caused a fight that the police had to break up.

The alt-right and southern community quickly started in uproar.  There were rumors going around twitter, 4chan and other outlets, accusing Van of being a ‘paid operative,’ and ‘paid agitator,’ of the left party. The nightmare further increased when Van, desperate to set the record straight, posted his phone number on a Facebook group page asking people to call him if they had any questions.  Bad idea.  Van says that he has been getting death threats and harassing calls ever since.  Van did go on to say however, that for every 5 death threats he receives, he gets one good phone call or text that endorses his decision to attack the group.

We could not definitely say that Van – AKA the Cuck Knight, is a ‘paid agitator,’ so we desperately needed to know more.  We contacted Van for an interview to which he accepted.

You decide.  Is Van a ‘paid agitator,’ or just a horrible decision maker?