“Donald is a F……?”


Yes folks, a Juggalos For Trump page actually exists!…..maxresdefault

But it got me thinking about how a lot of people have been calling Trump the F-word. The only F-word that irks me ends in -ism. Fascism, which only bothers me for the sort of annoying reason that matters: technical correctness. Since I have no sense of humor I literally went and read the doctrine of fascism by Benito Moussolini and Giovanni Gentile.


Gosh, that’s really long, and it took a long time. But here are cliff notes so you don’t have to read it.

Item 1: The overarching message.

What Moussolini defined fascism as, a direct quote:

“Anti-positivistic but positive; neither skeptical nor agnostic; neither pessimistic nor supinely optimistic as are, generally speaking, the doctrines (all negative) which place the center of life outside man; whereas, by the exercise of his free will, man can and must create his own world.”

Does Donald take this “middle path?” The media doesn’t think he does. Trump supporters, supposedly “racist,” think not either. Let’s say “No”.

Now it talks a bit about how man should rise and carve out his highest place in society. Hard to see how a man with 10 billion dollars and a private jet could be innocent of this, so guilty on that front… But then:

“Life in General: Life, as conceived of by the Fascist, is serious, austere, and religious.”

Reality? No. Trump tweeted a cartoon frog and also the following:

Judgement: Anyone with a sense of humor does not stand a chance in Fascism. Therefore, we must encourage the Saturday Night Live political satire, and hold them to continue the same level of insult when a Democrat takes office, otherwise they will take the first step towards fascism: not having a sense of humor about their own ideals.

Next: Fascism tolerates individualism only so far as it aids the state, and engages politics in a hyper realistic state.

Those photos of Trump hugging the flag come to mind. America First comes to mind, and if but for humor this would be guilty as charged. But also, when you look at his pulling in union leaders and business leaders his first day in office and listening to them, that could go either way, either he’s listening to them only to the interest of furthering the state, or it’s him bringing them to the ‘locker room’ at half time to tell them what to do next. Anyone that gets any kind of input, makes Trump less authoritarian than the owners of SNAPCHAT, who don’t want input from anyone.


Then it rambles a bit and you get this:

Fascism solves the threefold problem of relations between State and individuals, between State and associations, between associations and organized associations

This is a big problem. Apparently, you cannot be for states’ rights and also a Fascist. More importantly, the Fascist manifesto expressedly claims itself as a rejection of Jacobin virtues. One of the key peices of legislation of the Jacobin period of France (think French Revolution,) was a law granting UniversalStates-Rights Suffrage to Men. Essentially, if you are a man, you are allowed to vote. In the Fascist state, the role of the individual to choose extends only so far as it aligns with the will of the state.

While this causes a blip on the radar with regards to Donald’s threatening to not accept a result beyond his victory come November 8th, study the most recent flare up with Federal Judge Robart in Washington blocking a near and dear campaign promise of Trump’s, without an ounce of attempt to fire him, which, Article II section 2 provides argument for. Pose a question: Trump could order him fired, a supremely fascist act, which would demonstrate judicial action only works when in the interest of the state. The only reasons not to would be to avoid setting groundbreaking legal precedent or respect limited government. Then match this with his answer on the green tsunami of marijuana friendly legalization that Trump has declared to support medically at the Federal level and to let the states decide beyond that: You cannot be for states rights and also a fascist.

Rejection of Pacifism:

Get ready, cuz here comes Jesus. In Matthew 15:11 the Christ states “What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.” Basically, what you say you are means more than what the external world forces into you. This guy does not say he is a fascist. More importantly, Fascist leaders, to a universal degree, have military service in their history as an inherent part of their belief system. You cannot be a Fascist without military service far as good ol Il Duce says,
“War alone keys up all human energies to their maximum tension and sets the seal of nobility on those peoples who have the courage to face it..”

gettyimages-107501139At his heart (if he was a fascist,) Donald Trump would have been raring to go, chomping at the bit to go to Vietnam, he would have lied on his forms and gone straight into the infantry. Again, a man who says any war at all was a bad idea cannot be Fascist. Remember, this guy complains about Iraq as a waste of time and stupid. Fascists see war as a way for ultimate test, and therefore, pretty much always a good thing.

Now for a diatribe to tie back to the Jesus statement. When people are of a certain mindset, say Christian, or BLM, or KKK member, they tend to be pretty proud of who they are; who they like, who they don’t. And to really understand someone, at a certain point, as Jesus says, you sort of have to take what come out of people’s mouth as “who they are.”


“It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people that they have been fooled” –  A. Lincoln.

At this point it would make more sense to say that anyone with a yellow ribbon on their truck is more of a fascist than Donald.

“War is bad” -Trump.

Basically, a Fascist would find Donald to be a coward and never support him in his goals.

Now for a breakdown of Fascism Versus the Donald.
Fascism Takes a Middle Path?
Verdict: The media which calls Trump Fascist sees no middle path, no advantage ever..
Fascism promotes high self achievement and austerity?
Verdict: The media calls Trump decadent and un achieving. He makes jokes on Twitter.
Fascism elevates war as the single greatest achievement?
Verdict: Trump dodged the draft, unlike every other fascist ever.

Basically, you cannot be a fascist while respecting states rights, having a sense of humor, and having not demanded violence, he cannot be fascist.

Now, at this point the National Socialist phantom arises: leave it to this article within the actual doctrine of fascism;

In Fascism, the state demands compliance with no allowance for objective will that escapes service to the state. The NatSoc cry supplants, in the famous and regularly mentioned moustachioed internet ad hominem’s words, the state for race. Meaning that the dangers of fascism and national socialism lie in the following conditions:

No sense of humor about personal beliefs.
Free will only so far as it advances the central goal.
A central goal that infests business, government, and all parts of society.
A totalitarian view of the future.
Permission of violence to achieve this goal.

Honestly given this playbook you could say Steve Bannon meets the description, but the point of this article is more focused on people levelling the term ‘fascist’ at our Executive Branch. He may be some ‘new thing’ but he’s not that.