20 Year Old Conservative SHUTS DOWN College Students in Epic Hilarious Speech

In a speech at Iowas State University, 20 year old YouTube Nicholas Fuentes addressed a crowd mix of conservatives and angry left-wing progressives.  Fuentes went on to rebuke mainstream “conservativism inc,” and addressed what he believes to be the actual real issues that America is facing today.

Fuentes started off his speech warning that conservative talking heads on Fox News and other outlets are going down the wrong path when they declare ‘socialism’ to be the major issue America faces.  Fuentes said that it is actually mass immigration and demographic change that is the biggest problem in the country, and conservatives need to wake up before there isn’t even a country left to salvage, let alone the constitution.

Fuentes continued on to quote several statistics backing up his claims and validating his concerns about racial and demographic change as the crowd grew more and more angry as time passed.  With every question or point of contention the crowd expressed, Fuentes essentially shut each and every one of the protesters down with data and indisputable facts.

You can watch the full speech below: