12 Bombings in Sweden in 24 Days & Acid Attacks at ‘Epidemic’ Level In UK, Yet Chuck Schumer Doubles Down on ‘Diversity’ Visa Program

12th Bombing In Sweden In 24 Days

A bomb squad has been called to the Babel nightclub in the centre of Malmö. Police chief officer Magnus Lefèvre said: “There has been some blow on the club, but we do not know what has been detonated.

“The bomb group and technicians are on your way to investigating it.”

No reports of casualties have emerged so far – the club was reportedly closed during the time of the explosion.

According to a Swedish news outlet, Sydsvenskan, a man was seen driving away on a moped shortly before the explosion.

The outlet also reports that people were woken up at 12.30am UTC (11.30pm GMT) after the blast.

But Hey, This is Just More of the Same

This is just more of the same in Europe isn’t it?  As Britain is seeing a dramatic increase in acid-throwing attacks, and bombings are on the upswing in Sweden, our very own Chuck Schumer doubled down on the ‘diversity’ visa program just one day after Sayfullo Saipov entered the US through this program and then ran over 8 people in New York city while screaming ‘Allahu Akbar.”

Last year, attacks from corrosive fluids almost doubled in London. And police say the number of incidents continues to rise. Emergency services in the capital have even been given special kits to help treat suspected acid attacks.  But hey! Just normal in Europe right?

Even Muslim teenagers in London are throwing acid at English citizens. Just yesterday, A 14-year-old was arrested over an acid attack which left a delivery driver “fighting for his life”.

The 32-year-old victim could lose his sight completely after a substance was repeatedly thrown in his face in Walthamstow on Thursday evening, police said.

In a separate attack in Tottenham about 30 minutes later, another delivery driver, also 32, had a corrosive substance thrown at him.

Just Part and Parcel?

As you will hear Muslim leaders in Europe like Sadiq Khan say, this is all just ‘part and parcel of living in a big city.’  No Mr Khan, it’s not.  Muslim teens throwing acid in the faces of people for their ‘infidelity,’ is not normal.  12 bombings in 24 days is not ‘part and parcel.’ Epidemics of terror attacks are not ‘typical occurrences’ in big cities.

They are called causes of actions.  An action in Khan’s case made by an Islamist who is incognito as a ‘peaceful centrist.’ It is the result of actions by weak liberal leaders in Europe who have cucked themselves beyond repair and Islamists like Khan who have heeded the takeover of white countries.