10 Things Millennials Have Forgotten About President Barack Obama

With the anti-Trump protests in full swing, it’s only fitting that the supporters of the right open the public’s eye to what’s really going on in the world. That being said, Twitter user @forrestgxmp posted a fantastic list of 10 things today’s millennials have likely already forgotten about Barack Obama’s presidency.

Here we go…

#10. Invoked state-secrets privilege to stop civil litigation brought by torture victims (illegally tortured by government officials)

#9. ATF gunwalking scandal (operation fast and furious) look up and read about this embarrassing mess

#8. Made catastrophic decisions during the Arab Spring, the Middle East now is more fucked than ever

#7. Failed in ending the two longest running wars in American history, invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan

#6. Defended NSA mass surveillance programs

#5. Did not fulfill his pledge to close down Guantanamo bay, detainees still unlawfully incarcerated

#4. Obama’s failure to do much about the racist drug war and discriminatory sentencing + police brutality

#3. Obama’s deportation of nearly 2 million undocumented immigrants (y’all worried about trump doing it while Obama already did)

#2. Supplied Israel with billions worth of military aid, single largest pledge of bilateral military assistance in US history

#1. Obama bombed 7 countries in six years and is still ongoing, his drone program is horrific. Look into it

A self-proclaimed lover of history, and apparently politics, it appears this woman knows what she’s talking about.

It’s all there, you just have to look.