YouTube censorship destroys free speech

The Mighty Righty Samoan

In my debut article , published this summer, I wrote about YouTube removing one of my videos hours after I published it , in less than 4 hours it received 150,000 views.

I made a political correctness mistake, my content was not unreasonable, a ANTIFA gets beat by a Videographer after taunting him, and throwing the first punch, the error I made was in my title, in order to get attention I described the content accurately “TRANSGENDER PICKS FIGHT -IMMEDIATELY REGRETS IT” the first word in my title obviously doomed it, the videographer submitted his video of the fracas to his Channel and it now has over a million views.

My video of Tiny Toese punching an ANTIFA thug at a support the police rally back in the spring titled “ANTIFA GETS KNOCKED THE FUC* OUT ” has by far, been my most watched video garnering over 900,000 views in 6 months.

Vincent James published an article featuring the video on this site.

2 Days ago I received the oh so ever lovely e-mail from YouTube informing Me, Your video has been flagged for violating our YouTube standards – violence, it will be immediately removed and a strike will be applied to your channel, submit an appeal here___.

I professionally and courteously explained , other Youtube videographers who had also put the same or similar footage of the event on their channel received a warning and the requirement to “age-restriction”

I proposed doing the same as well as mentioning, this is not exploitation, it is newsworthy, I also reminded them it is featured in many National blogs, removal will result in all of their articles video unable to view.

Recently, YouTube announced a greater review system they intended to facilitate on the content of videos posted on their channel, CEO Susan Wojcicki announced plans to stop exploitative content, comments, predatory behavior, etc.

O.K. let me paraphrase her statement into reality….

Perceived self-appointed victim groups , minorities, anti-Trump Protesters,they are protected by not exposing their behavior, comments, destructive rioting, or Communist rhetoric .

The truly evil propaganda merchants that must be shielded from YouTube customers and advertising revenue are, Patriots, God Loving, gun toting, salt of the earth Americans, proud of their President, ashamed of the Left’s disgusting behavior, actively defending Americas principles and values.

I will admit, having YouTube , the authority on content , simply because they have a monopoly and no competition, destroy my Channel, it is dis-heartening.

I have risked my own safety to film, had a gun pulled on me, my workplace doxxed, my Family threatened,I still have a court appearance for the trial to prosecute the ANTIFA loon who assaulted me… I won’t give up, quit filming, or let YouTube smother the actual news happening in my Liberal corner of this Country,Your first Amendment is a large part of what makes America the greatest home on Earth.

There will eventually be powerful platforms Journalists can utilize to inform Citizens of the truth, Youtube, Facebook, they will eventually go the way of My-space, typewriters, and rotary dial telephones, but the true unvarnished news aired by independent Journalism… it will always remain as long as we have the courage to share it!

My Christmas Present from YouTube AKA Mr. Grinch