YouTube Is A Biased Media Monopoly

Politically Correct Wild Wild West


As a Citizen Journalist in looney Liberal “Portlandia” my cup runneth over with entertaining, newsworthy events to film.  One of the videos I shot was embedded in a published article by The Red Elephants entitled “Tranny Antifa Member Punches Trump Supporter” Within a few hours or so, it instantly went viral.

The very next morning, I went to check on the numbers of the video on to find that the video was completely removed by YouTube.  So not only is the video media dictatorship demonetizing videos, but they’re completely removing them now too.

I recieved an E-Mail from the creators at YouTube informing me my video had been removed for violating public standards- violence and my channel received a violation strike, 3 strikes result in immediate revocation of YouTube channel priveleges including removal of creators channel.

Meanwhile, I viewed my video shared and featured in powerhouse sites like Milo, Info-Wars, Gateway Pundit and countless other sites. Because of this, I submitted a formal appeal to YouTube explaining that the articles that have embedded the video will  now show error messages of “video unavailable,’ when viewers visit. I also pointed out in the scant few hours it was available to view, many YouTube Channels copywriter infringed by posting it as their work thus getting my views.

YouTube refused to remove the stolen versions of the Video, and I was unable to complete the required on-line copy-write infringement notice.

Presumably, had I not used the term ‘transgender’ in my title, it might still be viewable on my channel and earning hundreds of thousands of views.  It is alarming YouTube presides over a monopoly of what content it deems appropriate.

Perhaps i could re-submit the video, change the title to ‘Woman attacked by right wing journalist,’ and all will be well.  On second thought.. isn’t the unvarnished truth why independant Media is so critically important?

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