White Privilege Seminar Infiltrated By Trump Supporters

Community Calls For Reparations

When David Feiner of The Red Elephants heard that there was going to be a ‘white privilege’ seminar in the Santa Monica area, he knew that he had to go and document the ridiculousness.

Unfortunately for white people but fortunately for the viewer, is was a lot more ridiculous than we ever thought it would be.

It kicked off right away with an old man playing a video of a Jewish lady who explained all the pains and troubles that monitories face because white people have so much privilege.  At one point in the video is pointed out that white people were nothing but a social construct and that you were racist if you were “southern.’

These nuggets weren’t even the worst of what Feiner heard that day though.  A Jewish man in the back who said that he has been coming to these meetings for a while, told Feiner that white people were a mutation and called Feiner ‘inferior’ to him.

But enough of the written video recap, I will let you see for yourselves.  I have done my own commentary while going through this video.   Click on the video below and let the cringe ridiculousness begin…