Is White Genocide Real?


White Genocide Equals White Removal

Many people have been throwing around the term ‘white genocide’ lately.  What does it mean?  When one thinks about the word genocide, they think about the literal definition that describes the deliberate killing of a large ethnic group of people.  But as we progress, definitions progress right?  To all the self righteous gun hating liberals, the answer would be yes, of course especially when asked about the second amendment.

Some could say though that genocide is occurring today against multiple ethic groups.  Take abortion for instance. In New York in 2012, more black babies were aborted than born.  One could describe planned parenthood as ‘black genocide,’ and be literally correct.

But let’s get off of root word, and focus on the secondary word of ‘white.’  Are whites being actively replaced by our elites?  I would argue yes, considering what I’m about to show you.

Every single waking day in the majority of our universities and in our living rooms we are being told that white people should feel guilty for who they are.  On our tv’s we are being told that white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor. In our classroom we are being told that whites are born with inherent privilege and therefore reparations are in order for all other races.  This is the replacement tactic that is ages and ages old.

No matter what your particular definition of genocide is, the Geneva Conventions have stated that replacement and removal of an ethnic group, is equivalent genocide.  In seventeen states currently in the US, there are more white people dying that being born.  This is up from just four states a decade earlier.

Anyone with a smart phone can easily look up the latest census statistics of today versus in the 1940’s and see that the population of caucasian citizens in America is on a deadly steep decline.  So steep that by 2055, when my grandchildren are just 20 years old, whites will make up less than 30% of the population in America.

Some causes are very clear, including the indoctrination of white hatred and white guilt in our American academia, as well as watching the media constantly telling us that white couples should live a ‘child free life.’ Meanwhile every other race in America is tripling the caucasian birth rate.  Is this intentional?  It seems the answer is Yes.

By now you’re probably thinking that you need more undeniable proof that this ‘genocide’ of sorts is occurring and not just a result of white people all of a sudden deciding not to have as many children.

This is why I took the time to explain this strange phenomena in this video I made, highlighting the clear and undeniable hatred for people of caucasian descent in our media and academia complex.