“WATCH: Trump Haters Harass Portland Hotel

Trump foes now resorting to propoganda and business shaming


Portland Oregon

As an old saying goes “the only thing constant here is the change and the strange ways it occurs ”

The anti-Trump butt-hurt Hillary or Bernie supporters in my City Portlandia, continue to find new ways to bother, block, and attempt sabotage against their imagined enemies.

Many of us have seen the Billy Jack movies from the 70’s as well as the Forest Gump or Oliver Stone movies of the 90’s, they usually have hippies chanting campfire phrases, trying to sound militant, which is ironic since they detest the Military.

In todays Keep Portland Weird, I take you downtown to Directors Park to witness the “resistence strikes with Reverend Billy and the stop shopping choir” event hosted by Portland Resistance.

According to the Reverend, who incidentally , reminds me of a street peddling faied Elvis impersonator , He and his merry choir travel to liberal bastions to spread the gospel… Don’t shop at corporate stores.

I would venture to guess, most of them buy their attire from The Gap,Target, REI, ETC. but the narrative sounds heroic sarc.

The good Rev. treats the crowd to his gospel of Trump hatred, crazy Grateful Dead twirling, then marches toward the offending Hotel to protest the Ownership for contributing to the Trump campaign.

The throng of loons, follow the pied piper and his sideshow bob wearing elf , leading chants that sort of rhyme with Racist,Fascist,big money, and we end up a few blocks away to rally the minions with cries of oppression, and victims of the current Dictator in Office.

While filming the circus of crybabies, i glance down and 2 cookies decorated with Nazi logo’s magically appear, the crowd fakes appropriate staged outrage, showing NO MERCY, while courageously jumping up and down on the cookies, crushing their horrific intended message.

Another Gentlemen who was guarding my back, informed me he had witnessed the Reverend , take the toxic cookies, out of his pocket and place them strategically near me while I was filming, oh yes, he was a pro.

We then went across the street to the lavish, pretentious offending Hotel the SENTINEL as Billy’s crusading choir goes into the lobby with their oversized Burger King crown to shame the bellhop and desk attendant.

The tension was escalating, tempers were heating up, the gospel of Trump supporting fascists became a deafening roar of freedom suppression, the Hotel attendent placed his hand on the Reverend’s shoulder to which he responded “DON’T TOUCH ME”

Thank goodness cooler heads prevail, the mob exits the lobby, congratulating each other on their courageous stand, we walk to a parking lot where the Reverend Billy pimps his show at a nearby venue.

20$ to attend his revival at 7:00 p.m. – 12$ for students.

The Corporate money grubbing Trump Supporters have been foiled again, time to go get a mocha frappe and kale salad, the libs have done the oppressed another favor and saved Women bodies, defeated Russia, and taken back the City.