V stands for Victory not Vagina ANTIFA

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Liberty or Death Rally in Seattle – the right shouts USA, the left… obscenities and one giant vagina

Seattle Washington August 18, 2018 

As the old saying goes, any given Organization or group , identifies itself by the company they keep, and the behavior they exhibit.

As I met my Patriot Press friends in the Portland area, and prepared to depart on the 3 hour journey North on Interstate 5 to Seattle, I couldn’t help but wonder what to expect , the recent Rallies in Portland and Berkeley by Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys, had descended into violence, assault, and mayhem , perpetrated by ANTIFA.

It was sunny and warm in Portland, the van was full of enthusiastic pro-liberty patriots, our spirits were high, our optimism plentiful.

After arriving in downtown Seattle, we sought a parking spot that could afford us both access to the event, as well as safety for our group of 8 and the rental van,  ANTIFA being fond of slashing tires, breaking windows, and pouring acid on Patriot vehicles, needless to say, we got the add-on rental insurance.

The 3 block hike to 4th street was short and un-noteworthy, although as we approached City Hall, all of the posts near intersections had Anti-InfoWars fliers plastered on them decrying Alex Jones, it was going to be another one of those days.

Seattle City Hall sits on the corner of 4th and James, its columns sitting above an elevated platform area, fenced above the sidewalk on the s.e. side of 4th, affording an opportunity for Patriot Prayer and Washington State 3 Percenters to set up a pulpit to give speeches, and a viewing area below, for an audience to participate.

We arrived about an hour before the event was to begin, the 3 Percenters were already setting up the speaking podium, flags, signs, and a booth to engage emergencies that may arise.

The masked avengers , loony left, and socialist regimens were gathering on the other side of 4th street, signs proclaiming “death  to the Nazi’s and the cops that support them” co-existed with “fuc* capitalism” and russian flags, defiantly whipping in the homeless camp – stench filled streets.

I have been to several other rallies in Seattle, the difference in local Law Enforcement from Portland’s is night and day, the City understands the result of allowing the leftist thugs to throw their fits, fear of businesses to set up in the area, reluctance for families to come downtown, Seattle values safety above p.c. tactics employed by Portland Police, tactics that I wish all LEO’s assimilated to.

The Rally began with The Pledge Of Allegiance followed by a moving rendition of the National Anthem, the recording from Woodstock from Seattle Son, Jimi Hendrix, a prayer from Joey Gibson, and speeches by Mr. Gibson, Washington 3 percent leadership, and candidates for office who support the values shared by attendees , Liberty, Freedom, and The Second Amendment.

Meanwhile, across the street, Law enforcement, held at bay the protesters shouting expletives, using bullhorns, and doing everything in their Alinsky playbook to make a nuisance and disrupt the Right.

As you will see, in the video contained within this article, a young lady took the time to meticulously recreate a large vagina, what that object has to do with Women,s rights, Immigrant Rights, or the hatred of President Trump… i suppose it is a visual representation of the pink knitted “pussy hats” worn by women liberation groups? it was way too hot to wear a knitted hat.

Around 3 p.m. our group had completed the speeches, our march was about to commence, We knew that was a signal to prepare for the worst, the other side being fond of attacking us by throwing projectiles, homemade bombs, pepper spray, and various other weapons, the Patriots flanked journalists on all sides, protecting our ability to film without repercussion, the most dangerous weapon the Right can wield is the truth, the left is terrified of it.

As we marched collectively west, through skyscrapers towards Lake Washington, we could view the left, taunting us from across the street and above, in parking garages, patios, anyplace they could attack us without exposure to Proud Boys, 3 Percenters, or any other America loving alpha male, fearless Patriot.

The Seattle Police was in between us, on bikes, on foot, on tactical vans, doing their job masterfully, we marched back to City Hall, safe, unscathed, and appreciative of the professional quality exemplified by Seattles finest, wishing for the same courtesy from our local Law Enforcement.

I am fully aware that Portland tells their Law Enforcement Officers to “stand down”, the Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler recently was singled out by President Trump for ignoring Portland I.C.E. agents requests for defense against the crazies occupying their bureau Headquarters, shutting it down for 2 weeks, while Wheeler cowered below his desk, declaring his support for their activities, rather than taking charge against their lawless occupation.

After returning to our rental, and making the journey southward Home, I reflected on the days events, the anti Second Amendment laws proposed for Washington State’s November ballot had just been nullified, The Police arrested 3 protestors, and we successfully shared our message with many other Washingtonians, some already adhering to our shared beliefs, others learning the importance of defending the Constitution at any cost, I couldn’t help but come back to the art project vagina.

The left will spin this gathering as praise to the girl for her vagina, the anti-fascists defending minorities ,and the poor Americans living in the Trump regime… I and many on the right spent saturday night celebrating victory, another small step in this journey we all must travel, defending the vision and groundwork set by our Founding Fathers.

The event was billed as “LIBERTY OR DEATH”

We still face that not so subtle threat, I engage the battle for America with enthusiasm and desire to be victorious , our Republic demands it.