‘Unite The Right’ Rally Set To Take Place Next Month

End The Infighting

We have seen many episodes of infighting lately between different factions of conservative groups. Whether it be at different rallies or across social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  The mostly virtual boxing match has become very apparent to most, and some think that it could be costly in the end.

The most recent online scuffle between Jack Posobiec, Laura Loomer and Baked Alaska, when Posobiec and Loomer stormed the stage of the Caesar play in New York, caused quite a bit of a firestorm that still hasn’t truly died out yet today.  Baked Alaska and many others on the alt-right side of the spectrum cried hypocrisy when this occurred saying that ‘we claim to be for free speech, yet we act like liberals storming a stage of a play we don’t agree with.’

This type of infighting has left the right in an almost sort of  ‘cliquey’ type grassroots movement where pro-Trump advocates are essentially separating into different groups, finding comfortability with people that hold identical views instead of the like-minded collaboration there once was during President Trump’s campaign.

Strive To Mostly Agree And Succeed, Strive To Always Agree And Fail

The so called ‘alt-lite’ are bashing the alt-right on views like the ‘JQ‘ and ‘white replacement,’ whereas the alt-right has been criticizing the alt-lite, labeling them SJW’s every time they call someone like Baked Alaska an ‘anti-Semite.’  Long gone is the time where conservatives banded together, brandishing just their core views which they all happily agreed upon.  There are now high-schooler type cabals forming within the right which are causing the movement that won Trump the election to weaken at the core.  There is no middle ground to be had.

Jason Kessler, a well known political activist, is now calling upon both sides to come together to relocate this middle ground and re-unite in the fight against globalism, forced immigration and for the nationalistic views that make us all, well ‘right-wing.’  Kessler is coordinating and promoting a Unite the Right rally next month in Charlottesville, VA for this very reason.

Kessler believes that the right needs to unite in order to prevail over the shut down of free speech and political violence by the left.  After the ‘Take em down NOLA’ event, the right has taken many losses in the fight to speak freely and restore America.  For instance in Charlottesville, a place many call the Berkeley of the east coast, several protesters showed up to a bar and caused havoc just because the Proud Boys showed up for a few drinks.

Shortly after this, Charlottesville City Council member Kathy Galvin called the Proud Boys organization “terrorists” during a formal public city council meeting.  This one in particular is clearly another step toward shutting down conservative factions that think a different way than the left-leaning indoctrinated college student.

And then of course we have Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, who is pushing to remove the Robert E Lee Monument in Virginia. Bellamy was recently fired from the VA Board of Education for his anti-white tweets, and now he is making sure he duplicates what happened in New Orleans, in Virginia.

So we definitely have many more cities to be won, many more states to be conquered, before the midterm 2018 elections.  The right can not be immersed with petty online quarrels every time someone decides to call someone out for something they don’t like. Hopefully this rally will be the cure-all.