Under The Covers with BAMN

Under The Covers With Communist Terrorists

As promised, although late because of me, here is the story of our undercover person who was caught by Antifa.  Colin Duke was already doxxed, yet was able to make it this far into the operation and helped save several innocent attendees from grievous bodily injury.  Below is his recounting of his story.

Inside BAMN- a field report

As has been reported, I was part of an ongoing effort to infiltrate Antifa and BAMN. I had already made an Antifa wanted poster appearance, and been doxxed in a profile on their website, so it was a foolhardy effort, but I made it surprisingly far before I was called out in the most dramatic way possible. This is the story of how I simultaneously was identified and increased my risk profile to a much higher degree than ever before, all in the name of journalism and saving lives.

I had previously infiltrated BAMN at their inaugural session of the school year, through a combination of miracle and projecting the battered and shameful type that is their typical recruit. This worked well enough for me to get on their update lists and returned multiple consecutive nights to discuss and hear more about the wonders of BAMN and the necessity of our work. One young woman, who was OK with opposing Nazis, but wasn’t so sure about shutting down free speech from others like Milo, was told how a gay mixed Jew and Catholic was a Nazi and evil as well. Eventually, over the course of the meetings, we agreed to arrive 3 hours before the event’s start time.

So, on August 27th, I arrived at the appointed place a few minutes late, and everyone was so eager to start they had already left. I was wearing my white t-shirt, as requested, for “support of immigrant rights” (hey, undercover is undercover, or in this case, under white t-shirt). I asked a few people on Sproul Plaza where they went, they pointed and I ran. I recognized two of the lower level leaders, one a UC Berkeley graduate and lawyer. I caught up as they were getting signs out of a car, and I asked if I could help. While struggling to pick up their signs, they gave me one to hold. We chatted- more like interrogated me- as to how I joined the movement. I’d noticed previously I was the only white male in BAMN aside from Mark Airgood, so carefully gave my cover story. Eventually things relaxed, and we chatted more and more, and they opened up a little about “diversity of tactics” and their belief in strong leadership vs. more diffuse organizations. Eventually we reached the rest of the group, who met to march in circles on stairs, while chanting, in an endless circle for photo ops and to look larger than we were.

More people who hadn’t attended any BAMN meetings were there, and were definitely UC Berkeley students, including a couple other white males. They left within 20 minutes though to do more interesting and important things. After marching, and the Shanta Driver and Yvette Felarca conferring and monitoring intelligence, they said there were enough fascists to make it worth our time to enter. We’d previously pooled our money to buy water and snacks; and I happily, in a reversal, ate food paid for by those of a communalist ideology. I carried the 24 pack of water, a feat that apparently impressed many of those with BAMN, as someone who could lift much less carry so many waters was a feat worthy of Hercules. After entering the park, one of our lesser leaders were arrested for putting a bandana on, in violation of the recently passed municipal code banning such conduct. We protested, then moved on to confront the non-left. I had several people offer to let me switch my carrying the water, but like Aquarius I bore my burden with a smile, as it wasn’t that heavy truth be told, but more importantly I could hand water out as I saw fit.

This meant when encountering conservatives I could secretly hydrate, they received water funded by the organization that was yelling in their faces. I watched several confrontations, took frontline to lead the crowd and keep the targets from the worst abuse; including a woman who was sprayed with water from a water bottle, and a man who had his camera strap grabbed repeatedly and used to yank him off an elevated planter to attempt to throw him to the ground. Yvette Felarca took the front line and absolutely made physical contact with her hands on multiple people, while another fellow teacher used her considerable mass and 5’5” height to throw her weight around and others nearly to the ground. After much of this, we had some confusion and split off as we lost track of the group. I noticed masked Antifa and full black bloc Antifa in the park and found an officer, who had all moved to one area, to tell in order to get them to arrest the criminals in clear violation of a policy they had already arrested for. Previously, at the checkpoint, I had had my protective knuckle gloves confiscated for potential use as a weapon, but the Antifa who streamed in had helmets, body armor, multiple flag poles and plain sticks for beating people, had communications equipment, shields, a rented truck that handed out all these things.

Essentially, I quickly realized there was a massive conspiracy to violate municipal codes (a felony) from multiple high-level actors was happening. I moved into watching the confrontations move from pushing people out, and near violence into actual violence. One particular story that has never seen the full light of day is the fate of a man in pink shorts. There is overhead helicopter video of him at the beginning of this assault, and a freeze frame I’ve seen of him on his knees with Antifa, fist cocked back, ready to strike. But the beatdown I watched, and was 2 feet from, was far worse than any there has been video of. The man went fully to the ground, where he was struck repeatedly over the head with a flagpole, while still clutching his phone had his hand smashed repeatedly to make him let it go, and was stomped several times full force. I tried to intervene, but there was at least 8 antifa around us, all armed and armored, and from previous experience realized that the overweight man had some protection, and further I could take out three, maybe four before this group would gain the upper hand, as they were significantly more violent and coordinated than I had ever seen before.

After this episode, the violence I saw made me realize that evacuating everyone as soon as possible was a top priority. I quickly stopped my audio recording and frantically made calls to anyone and everyone that might be there to tell them to leave, and offer my help to get them out of there. While in between calls and texts, I heard someone call my name from behind me, “Colin?”. Slowly, almost as if in a dream, I turned around. There, standing, were three Antifa dressed in head to toe black bloc. I asked if I knew them, and the woman, flanked by two men responded, “We know who YOU are.” I responded that was fine, but what did that matter. “You better get out of here, we know who you are and what you’ve done and we’re coming for you,” she sneered. I replied that I was with BAMN, and pointed to my sign, at which point she replied, “We don’t believe you”, and sized me up, head to toe, for 5-7 seconds. She verified what my face looked like, then traveled downward, spent an extra few seconds memorizing my boots, and then her gaze returned to my chest and shoulders, and spent an extra few seconds there- perhaps sizing me up, and then her body language seemed to accept defeat, as if she realized even three to one I had the advantage. I told her I’d leave when I felt like it, and spent the next 20-30 minutes frantically making last calls and telling everyone I had promised a way out that I was leaving stat, they had blown my cover, and I needed to leave. After I unsuccessfully tried to convince the last person on my list to leave, I left, and quickly realized I had a tail. I spent the next 45 minutes attempting to shake this tale, and picking up 2 or 3 other probable tails, and shaking them. What good it did I’m not sure I can say; apparently a friend who was also undercover was about to identify me and my car to others when this friend realized it was me and decided that it wasn’t a good idea to aid the terrorists.

Overall, the day left me badly shaken as I watched an even more gruesome repeat of the worst part of Milo’s February 1st event repeat, with even larger numbers, during broad daylight. I had now confirmed that I was significant enough a target to be identified even dressed as BAMN. My risk profile was greatly increased, and after Yvette called me by my real name at the Ben Shapiro event, I can confirm my infiltration went viral enough for her to notice and recognize me. I was even identified by “democratic” socialists after a city council event and asked to stop my group from video recording. All of this shows how greatly they fear exposure, even in the heart of #resistance land, which means their activities are so extreme even regular #resist people might fire them. Though my time undercover was brief, it was enough to realize how truly dangerous these people are, and how truly warped their sense of justice is.


  • Colin Duke