The TRUTH About ‘Multiculturalism’ (video)

OPINION: Why Forced ‘Multiculturalism’ Will Mean The Death Of America And The West

For all of you who haven’t been living under a rock, you may have noticed a strong intent by the media, hollywood and academia to shame whites and then lead them into a minority status in pretty much all white European countries. This also holds true now for America.
It never used to be like this though, just a very short while ago, we never had to feel like we had to defend ourselves against anti-white shame tactics.   Defend ourselves against the constant attacks by hollywood, by our peers, by college professors and by the everyday propaganda on Facebook telling us why white people are the enemy and the oppressor. The answer to why this is happening, can be easily discovered by reading pretty much anything written by Karl Marx, which is now the mainstream curriculum for American colleges.


Although American universities dating back to the sixties have always spawned wild revolutionaries and your every day socialists, things are different now.  The socialists of yesteryear typically would grow up, get their fist tax bill and realize that socialism probably isn’t such a great idea after all. 
Now, they’re not growing up anymore.  They’re becoming more and more radical. And as America becomes more and more diverse and as the white population declines with ever year, these ideas are becoming less fringe and more commonly shared. 
A good percentage of the American college age youth are openly communist. And they all have the same end goal for what they call a better society.  To get rid of the modern day bourgeoisie, AKA the white male, and create a climate that is ripe for the uprising of the modern day proletariat. Which means, now, anyone that is a person of color, a member of the LGBT community, a woman or anyone that falls into the modern version of the ‘oppressed’ category.
This new trend is actually an old tactic of the infamous cultural revolution – To call anyone who either disagrees with your opinion and doesnt constantly virtue signal to non whites, a racist, homophobic, fascist nazi.  This type of Marxist thinking is so mainstream nowadays that we even have hollywood superstars engaging in this radical agenda.
Much like under the cultural revolution, when you have everyone calling others of a certain traditional belief system a ‘racist,’ and you yourself are not also speaking out against this ‘trad’ way of thinking too, then you become a suspect in the cultural revolution and must be attacked by your respective peers.
Being a close witness to this happening and seeing the inevitable end result this will leave us as a country, I felt forced to have to change my belief system just a little bit.
Yes the standard conservative civic nationalist views like, love for America, the constitution and everything that has made this country great, I still hold dear to my heart. And I believe they should be protected. However, the new post-modernist tactics of the left are now as resistant to this way of thinking as Necrotizing Fasciitis is to penicillin. Sure it worked for a while, but now the disgusting disease of Communist Marxism has left this defense ineffective at best.
Because I have been forced into a mandatory defensive position against the unrelenting racially based attacks on white people, I found myself researching and sifting through hundreds of hours of information to formulate my defenses on. In the process of this of this I Inadvertently came across other information, very very concerning information. And I started realizing the fight for our country, the fight to preserve our borders, our language our culture wasn’t immediately through just defending our constitution or living up to traditional conservative values, but through devoting my entire platform into helping other right leaning people realize that we need to start mass advocating for ending this forced diversity first.  The rest can then be addressed.
I started asking myself, why is the whole “diversity is strength” phrase only meant for countries with a majority white population? Could you imagine what the Japanese or Chinese would say if we told them they’d be stronger if they accepted a 140,000 Bangladeshis.  Yes that actually happened. In the past 10 years the US has allowed in over 140,000 Bangladeshis amongst countless other immigrants through the ‘diversity visa’ program.   What positives come from this?
Just look at images for instance, of american cities before and after the hart celler act immigration act of 1965.  The white population in this country is declining every day, and very dramatically. It all started around the same time the 1965 immigration act was instituted. This also in turn caused a dramatic rise in rape, robbery and assault in the country.  All there categories have tripled per 100,000 since 1960.
It seems like the term ‘diversity is strength,’ just means replace white people.
The left loves to say that we’re a “nation of immigrants” a lot while brainlessly referring to what it says on the statue of liberty.  They completely disregard the fact that the type of immigrants we were bringing to this country are vastly different from the type of immigration we’re bringing in today.  Back then we only had a population of only around 30 million people, so we actually needed immigration. Immigration overwhelmingly came from Europe, who then in turn built the entire country, aside from the Chinese who constructed the railroads.  They were determined to assimilate, some even changing their last names to sound more American, and they learned english. They didn’t tend to vote for larger government, live on welfare, have low average IQs, low impulse inhibitors, demand affirmative action or demonize white people constantly.
Today, the immigrants mostly coming from Mexico, refuse to learn english, fly the mexican flag higher than the american flag, say phrases like make america mexico again and vote almost 60% for big government policies that resemble those of their country of origin.  Oh not to mention, they add a significant amount of crime to the tallies here.
Because of all of this i have come to the realization that demographics matter.  And Demographics today matter more than they ever have before.  They matter more than just your normal every day love for country, love for the constitution or Republican vs Democrat.  They matter even more because if we continue with this unrelenting stream of immigration, if we continue with chain migration, if we continue with things like the diversity waiver program and add onto the 17 states where more whites are dying than being born, then the constitution we love, the freedom we love and the country we love will be gone forever. States like Texas, Arizona and Georgia are already predicted to, and will eventually turn permanently blue.
So I’ve had a sort of epiphany  One that many will surely call me racist for but one that is based in concrete undeniable evidence.  That epiphany is that if we do not focus on keeping white Americans from becoming the seemingly inevitable minority we’re predicted to become, all of the talk of loving the constitution, freedom and the American dream will be gone anyway. Long gone.
It’s naive and simply juvenile to think that when white people of european descent are the minority population in America, that there won’t be some sort of genocide that eventually happens.  Maybe not to the extent of what is happening in South Africa where theyre actually murdering white people, but subversive forced genocide.  One where they deliberately “inflict upon whites the conditions of life that are calculated to bring about its destruction.”
If you don’t come to believe this from the constant attacks on whites from the left, the media, the schools, on Facebook on twitter, on youtube, on famous streaming services, then surely you will come to believe this from simply doing your own research into what is occurring in South Africa right now. Or just look across the pond to London, the UK as a whole, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France or Spain. Pretty much everywhere in Europe except for Poland and Russia.
As yourself this…. Is there one non-white country in the world thats doing well enough you’d consider moving there?
Even the leftist whites aren’t immune to whats coming
You also may have noticed that many European countries, instead of worrying about things like which decorations color coordinate with the scenery while celebrating Christmas, they’re worrying about things like which strategic positions to set up their anti-terror barriers.
There are quite a bit of people that have buried their head in the proverbial sand and truly believe that this is for the ‘greater good.’ They disregard all of the death, destruction and horror that is invited with this forced diversity and quasi-genocide. These types of people are the ones that are so egotistical, so cemented in their beliefs that when they day comes that they’re fired from their job in favor of someone that meets new diversity quotas, Or after crime in their respective neighborhoods has quadrupled and women have been given a curfew due to the rise is sexual assaults, They’ll wake up in the morning and, and the first thing they’ll say is…….  “well at least I’m not racist.”