Undemocratic: Congresswoman Hosts Town Hall in Another District

Crooked Communist Congresswoman Casts Me Out Of Claremont

Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-Pasadena) is a well-connected communist, and undemocratic to the extreme.

She acknowledged working with the Communist party in the past.

And apparently, her official connections have not ended.

Trevor Louden reports:

Judy Chu led a CWP front, the Federation for Progress, in the 1980’s, while beginning her ascent of the Democratic Party ladder. Now  it appears that Chu is still working closely with residual CWP networks.

A list of socialist House reps exists online too, outlining the 70 plus members of Congress who also identify as socialists. One has to wonder how they intend to uphold their oaths to support and defend the United States Constitution.
This is treasonous, subversive behavior. But for Judy Chu, it only gets worse. She had me removed from one of her Claremont town halls in late April. While the event was hosted by the Indivisible Claremont SJWs/Snow Flakes. Check out the unconscionable action below:


But she’s not just interested in resisting Donald Trump.

She wants to throw out colleagues of hers in the California Congressional delegation!


Check out this event:

Chu wants to adopt another district? How about paying attention to her own?

Here’s the link, and the details listed within:

How arrogant can the Democrats get? There will be a happy ending to this selfish, left-wing maneuvering. The Democratic Party has decided to put most of their campaign eggs in the California basket. Do they really think that they can unseat Devin Nunes? Or Duncan Hunter? They are wasting big money in expensive California markets – and for what?

Congressman Steve Knight, who actually represents Santa Clarita, won his district by 6 points, despite broadcast television adds attacking his pro-life views. Knight is well-known and connected in his district too. For a carpet-bagging Congresswoman with communist ties to show up and rally hatred against the incumbent – that is just insane as well as insulting.

And it gets worse. Chu was unanimously censured by the House Ethics Committee in 2014 for intervening into ethical probes within her office. Democrats and Republicans alike slammed the crooked Communist.

Check out the letter of censure below:

Pretty undemocratic, I must say!

The Progressive 25 group pushing this town hall have reserved a room which will only seat 250 people. A local radio show, “The Triggering,” reserved two spaces in the front for $100. Now the tolerant progressives have refunded the money and will not let them in!

Wow! How pathetic is that! Someone explain to me how this “Adopt a Town Hall” event is democracy in action?

Not only that, but the tiny cabal of leftists in the Antelope Valley region are going to line up FIVE HOURS in advance to ensure that they get the 250 seats. This is ridiculous! Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters in general, work for a living rather than vote for a living. Does anyone really expect working citizens to abandon their jobs and stand in line for 5 hours to attend a town hall? Why would the Congresswoman and her left-wing acolytes take every step to ensure that fewer people can attend?

Sure, Commie Chu will take questions from the audience, but only because the audience will be filled with like-minded regressive bigots out to impose their destructive, anti-American, anti-liberty agenda on everyone else.

Trump supporters, including The Triggering Radio Hosts, have pledged to show up before the “town hall” begins and protest loudly and proudly.

I say good for them. This shameless, brazen attempt to usurp the authority and preeminence of the incumbent Congressman should backfire the more people learn how out of touch and arrogant these left-wing full-time protesters turn out to be.