Two Members Of Muslim Rape Gang Still Loose In Los Angeles

Taharrush In California?

In Los Angeles County, CA, three men have been arrested and police are on the lookout for two more. On July 12, 2017 a fifteen year old girl suffered a brutal sexual assault by five Muslim men while walking home from school. She was dragged into an alleyway and was repeatedly assaulted. The assault caused permanent physical damage and heavy emotional trauma.

A source close to the victims tells us that she knew her attackers, all of which are over the age of 21. Three of the assailants do not speak English. The case is being investigated by the Bell police department and has not been picked up by any major news outlet.

With the persistent and unabated influx of un-vetted foreigners coming into the US, these cases are beginning to form a disturbing trend. The outcome of these liberal policies can be seen in Europe, which has opened its doors even wider to Islamic refugees. If action is not taken to stem the flow and repatriate Muslims currently living in America, it could lead to a rape epidemic on par with Sweden.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

*Correction: An earlier published version of this article implied that this attack occurred in the city of Bell, CA. We are in the process of determining the exact location which was in the immediate surrounding area.