Trump Supporter Has Gun Pulled On Him by Seattle Man at a Vancouver Wa. Rally

For the second weekend in a row, “it’s ok to be white” rally turns from peaceful to the need to call Law Enforcement to prevent a peaceful assembly  from turning into a murder scene.

My last post in The Red Elephants was about a peaceful rally in Vancouver Washington to wave American Flags and send the message “ITS OK TO BE WHITE” 

Same venue, same plan, worse outcome… again Patriot Prayer and other individuals receive positive response from the street behind them and the busy Interstate below, many cars slowing down to thank us for our courage, alas, it was not meant to remain safe.

About an hour in to the event, a thug in an older white Cadddy rolls up on our group cursing at us and calling Trump various names, not uncommon at these events.

30 to 45 minutes later, the same homeboy swerves the car near us, a couple of Patriots approach the car and Li’l Snoop Boi pulls his gat on us.

As soon as i saw TuPac Dre, i began filming, catching the altercation and getting his plates for the responding Officer, we figured he may go get his gang and come back all Boyz in Da Hood on us.

911 was called and an Officer from Vancouver P.D. arrived, he took the information including my video posted below, after running the plates, he found the car was registered to a Seattle area resident.

A few of us went to our personal vehicles and got our pistols to be safe, Vancouver allows open carry, the Officer remarks ” The suspect was lucky he wasn’t shot by  the Patriots” 

gave my info to the Officer, offering to e-mail the video evidence to prosecution, we continued the Rally without a return visit from Too-Stupid, I was later told someone followed several of the event attendees to a Bar and Grill, slashing their tires.

It is yet to be seen if the gangster will be arrested, brandishing a weapon with intent, menacing, as well as likely un-registered firearm, this thug needs to be arrested and prosecuted.

This is simply an occurrance, the much bigger story, one I will be posting soon, involves the lack of priority for this crime, vs a fellow Journalist friend of mine prosecuted severely in Portland for a similar situation, the difference being, He was exercising his Second Amendment right to protect himself, but a uber-liberal City, decided to make him an example.

Stay safe America lovers, there are truly evil psychopaths out there willing to kill for their hatred, always have friends nearbye, and prepare for dangerous scenarios, there are no do-overs after being shot.