Trump Taunting Angry Alt-Left: ‘Democrats, What Changed?’

Trump: "Democrats should be Ashamed. This is a Disgrace!" Their Belligerent, Vitriolic Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

‘Democrats Should Be Ashamed.  This Is A Disgrace!’

President Trump, as is his nature, is fighting back intensively in the aftermath of turmoil that the hostile mainstream media is wielding in their all-out, no holds barred war against him.  The latest ingenious tool he is using came out just yesterday in the form of a Twitter video asking “Democrats, what changed.”

The video is a compilation showing the likes of Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Bernie Sanders, a veritable Who’s Who of the extreme alt-left, expressing their deep disdain for former FBI Director James Comey, and calling for him to be fired.

As a political tool, this video is a masterful work of art which cogently and effectively elucidates the egregious and congenital hypocrisy for which the vast majority of leftists inherently carry all the way down to the molecular levels of their being.

Screengrabs via @realDonaldTrump/Twitter
Screengrabs via @realDonaldTrump/Twitter

Even Comey Says Trump Had Right To Fire Him

Trump is absolutely correct in that seemingly all of those on the left have expressed their loss of confidence in Comey or claimed that the American people as a whole had lost trust in both Comey and the FBI, in the recent past.

This as a result of Comey’s criminal investigation in to, and overall handling of, the Hillary Clinton email scandal during the presidential election cycle last year.  Clinton herself has blamed Comey for causing her to lose the election to Donald Trump.

And while that is actually part of the reason that Trump finally had enough and fired Comey, now the blazingly caustic democrat stalwarts are screeching like banshees that Trump was totally unauthorized in his firing of Comey.

Meanwhile, everyone from Bill Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s Attorney Generals, to James Comey himself, have gone on the record to say that Trump had every right as President to fire Comey at any time, for any reason, or for no reason.

Their Hypocrisy Holds No Bounds

Of course, that has done nothing to stem the tide of the democrats and mass media calling for Trump’s head in their full-on blitz to delegitimize his presidency and drive him out of office in any way possible.

They are recklessly and desperately espousing every conspiracy theory possible in claiming Comey was getting too close to the truth in the FBI’s investigation of any collusion during the election between any Trump staffers and Russia.

Although former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has repeatedly stated on the record that he was unaware of any collusion whatsoever, other leftists are claiming that Comey was fired to send a signal to those in the FBI who may be investigating the Trump administration or campaign’s ties to Russia.

Less Intelligent Intelligentsia

Some of the less intelligent leftist “intelligentsia” are even calling for Trump to be impeached, regardless of the lack of any high crimes and misdemeanors, the prerequisites for impeachment of which our constitution lays out.  But then again, they have laughably been doing that since before he was even sworn in.

In addition, President Bill Clinton fired his Director of the FBI not long after taking office.  Most of the people on the left who are now screaming bloody murder were perfectly fine with Slick Willie firing his Director.

And both President Clinton and Obama were able to do almost anything they wanted throughout their scandal-ridden time in the Oval Office.  Through obstruction, obfuscation and flat-out bald-faced lies, these two liberal loonies were always able to avoid any serious repercussions for their nefarious actions, thanks in no small part to the collusion of the mass media in each and every cover-up.

Pay close attention here folks, for what we are witnessing at this moment in history is absolute, unadulterated hypocrisy at its rigid, radical, alt-left ideologue finest.

So now those same people who had no problem with the dozens of severe scandals which Clinton and Obama immersed this nation in, or their consistent hostile relationship with the truth, jump at every chance to spin everything President Trump does, no matter how minor or even legal they are, into a negative light from which they can then condemn him from the shoulders of the straw men of whom they set up to be knocked down in whatever false narrative they happen to fancy at the moment.

In the end, one absolutely unquestionable fact is that Donald J. Trump will never stop punching back.  Even when he punches first.

Fortunately for him, there will never be a shortage of video showing the multitude of blatant and yet decrepit hypocrisy of those on the left, up to and including those in the highest offices of the land.