Did Republicans Stereotype Our Conservative Lesbian?

 First Amendment Rights Shut Down Over ‘Comfortableness’

We hyped it up, sent thousands of ‘Shares’ around social media, we contacted the event, introduced ourselves Saturday morning before the event, and suggested we were going to video.  We were not doing anything illegal, we were in a public place.  I gave them five days to nose around The Red Elephants website, nose around (troll) my personal social media, no response, no problem, they were probably too busy to respond.  I was excited, ready, had all the backups for the backups, just in case.  I even had a personal hot spot with me.  I have been in old New England Town Offices before, no cell service.  I was prepared, nothing was going to go wrong!

  It was a Republican candidate for the Senate seat, currently occupied by Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), speaking at the Town Hall meeting.  His name is Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai, Republican Primary candidate against Geoff Diehl.  I was early,  so I took a few photographs….

I said hello to some people in the parking lot, and made my way in.  I began to set up a small tripod, I put my phone in airplane mode, hooked everything up, got everything ready for when the event actually started.  This woman told me, I could not stream.

She wasn’t “comfortable,” she said. It gets better, I was wearing a shirt with The Red Elephants logo, CLEARLY announced who I am, and who The Red Elephants are, let her rethink her statement against free speech.  She (and some large gentlemen friends) invited me into the hallway to discuss the “First Amendment” policies of the Pembroke Massachusetts Republican Committee, and the town office facilities of Pembroke Mass.  I have the video.  I will NOT be shut up!

I lived under the constraints of the Hatch Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, for all those years to have some stuck up (sorry, Chaps) try to shut me up.  Where is the VFW?  AMVETS? Where are the rest of the Algonquins? (Yep, I’m one of those, too).  Where is Milo?  Where are the militant gays?  You know the ones that insist you make them a wedding cake (Seriously, who has the militant gays phone number, I don’t travel in those circles).

I have an unsolicited opinion about how the “no video” thought entered her head.  I was stereotyped.  The others in attendance were very concerned about what “KIND” of website I work for.  Were they fishing for the words, progressive, liberal, or the dreaded gay publication?  (VINCE – I want to change my name on my press pass to “CONSERVATIVE LESBIAN.”)  I am aware that I flame.  Line up 10 women, I’ll be the second one picked for field hockey.  You’ve heard the “lipstick on a pig” reference?  It works as “lipstick on a lesbian” too.  Evidence leads me to believe, they thought I was there to make some sort of gay, liberal, trouble for them.  (Now look at the steaming pile you’ve stepped in!)  

There was one SHINING example of liberal disruption.  Not by me, I would NEVER disrupt a speaker.  The Marines trained that behavior out of me.  A young man was “arguing” with VA Shiva about science (Hey Kid- First rule of interviewing: open ended, opinion questions, and NEVER wrestle a wrestler!)  It was fun to watch, I wish I had the VIDEO!  The kid asked what was so wrong with GMO food, and WHY, oh WHY, had Dr. Shiva appeared on INFOWARS?  As it turns out (I learned this last night), the big GMO companies are using a loophole law that really has NOTHING to do with agriculture, it has to do with MINOR changes to a patent.

As for appearing on INFOWARS, why would one, say Dr. Shiva, who had the down and dirty on GMOs, not go to the loudest mouthpiece to get his message out?  Alex Jones has been SCREAMING (literally) about GMOs since the 1990s.  Infowars has a HUGE audience, mostly closeted, yet huge.  Why not use that platform?  (FYI – Kiddo, Donald Trump has been on Infowars.) The “piece de restance,” that ignorant kid was the son of the (Sorry, Chaps) that stopped me from live streaming.  I think a liberal skunk sauntered through the town offices in Pembroke last night!  If I think like you, I’m good, if not I need to shut up?  Not while I still breathe, not in MY America!  OK, I’m done ranting about one (sorry Chaps), they know now, they have seen me, I’ve made an impression, it won’t happen again.  Point – Geoff Diehl.