Richard Spencer Endorsing Louis Farrakhan?

White nationalists and American Renaissance endorsing the Black Separatism?

It makes sense, considering the white nationalists and the black nationalists want the same end goal, which is a complete balkanization of the United States where one portion is all white and one portion is all black.  Those within the Nation of Islam i.e. Farrakhan followers have been preaching this for years.

This week American Renaissance, which includes members like Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer, published an article from Raw Story that that stated that they were endorsing the black separatism tip of Louis Farrakhan.

Richard Spencer on Friday re-tweeted Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan in support of Farrakhan’s recent statements.  Farrakhan’s tweet advised black people to “be more convinced that it is time for us to separate and build a nation of our own.”

Retweeting Farrakhan, the white supremacist foundation said his sentiment is an example of “the sort of self-determination we and the broader Alt-Right support.”

“Would you like to discuss this in a public forum?” American Renaissance asked of the controversial Nation of Islam founder.