Rebirth Of Left-Wing Violence? Is Bixby Bombing Seminal Event?

Bixby, Oklahoma Police, Fire, and Bomb Squad all stage outside the bombed Air Force Recruiting Office.

Could The Bixby Bombing Signal An Escalation In Left-wing Violence?

Bomb squads responded to the explosion at an Air Force recruiting center in Bixby, Oklahoma at about 10:30 p.m. on Monday. Investigators believe the bombing is also tied to a vandalism attack on a nearby National Guard recruiting center. That vandalism included slashed tires.

Fire Engines respond to the scene of an explosion damaging Bixby Air Force Recruiting Office in Oklahoma.

The suspect is named Ben Roden and his Facebook profile is an odd assortment of posts. Between nature photos and overtly sexual selfies is a technically proficient video on wiring an alarm system. In his most recent post before the arrest, Roden makes a post that will most likely serve as damning evidence against him in the vandalism attack on the National Guard center.

The attack seemed motivated by resentment against the military. It seems Roden holds them accountable for not having been employed for over two and a half years. His proficiency with wiring and electronics, however, seems to indicate that Roden was more than capable of working.

The explosion was reminiscent of the bombings that became the norm around the 70’s as Martin Luther King, Jr.’s pacifism gave way to violent groups like the Weather Underground, the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Black Panthers, and the Jewish Defense League. The Jewish Defense League, a religious organization, launched 44 bombings and assaults during the decade, half of which targeted perceived anti-Semitic targets in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.

This generation has forgotten that, at one time, this form of leftist domestic violence was so common that the American people became numb to it. A diverse group of left-wing ideologies may, at this moment, be on the precipice of coalescing into the perfect storm of violence and mayhem. Whether the Bixby bombing is a freak incident or the canary in the coal mine, only time will tell.

The damages at the Air Force Recruiting Office in Bixby, Oklahoma proved to be quite extensive in the light of day.