The Real Reason Behind The Strikes in Syria

The Truth About Syria and The History of Various Coups Attempts Since 1949

Surely most of you have seen the clip of general Wesley Clark, a four-star general with top security clearance admitting to millions of Americans that the plan to destabilize the middle east and take out 7 countries was planned for a while right?

Well this actually goes much deeper than that.  Now before I go any further I am going to ask you to clear your mind…  I am going to tell you some things that will engage a natural reaction in your brain to be appalled by my words and possibly click off this article.  Before you do this, I am going to tell you that this reaction comes from 50 yeas of indoctrination following World War 2 – Indoctrination and brainwashing forcing you to blindly support a country and people that perform acts that go directly against nationalist interests.  I am going to ask you to break this for a moment and force yourself to become completely open minded about the information I am going to give you

What if I told you that Assad is not the only Syrian leader that the US has been trying to overthrow, and that overthrowing syria goes as far back as 1949 when Syria was under the rule of President Shukri Al-Quwatli. In march of 1949 the CIA and the Mossad used chief of staff of the syrian army to overthrow their president from within.  This was the first and plunged syria into chaos destabilizing the middle east for years and years to come.

This coup was then followed by many others including  Operation Straggle, Operation Wappen and several other assassination attempts.  In 1971 Hafez Al-Assad, the father of the current Bashar Al-Assad took power.  In this government document, it outlined the goal of destabilizing Syria and opening a two front war against the country and to eventually overthrow Assad’s government.
In another government document’s it outlines this plan even more thoroughly.  This document is entitled “scenarios of dramatic political change”

Now that you know the back-tory of the various coup attempts on Syria’s leaders, lets take you to current times…  As we already know there was a massive leak during the election season of emails from the server of former head of state Hillary Clinton.  Within this leak was one very important email.  The email reads 
The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of

 Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad. Negotiations to limit Iran’s nuclear program will not solve Israel’s security dilemma. Nor will they stop Iran from improving the crucial part of any nuclear weapons program — the capability”

“The best way to help Israel”??!  The last time I checked our country’s name wasn’t Israel
 It is America.  Why do we need to sacrifice american lives to protect Israel, surely they have the mossad and a great fighting power themselves right?  This is a question that even fox news host Tucker Carlson posed to an israel first neocon earlier this week

This is reinforced obviously with Hillary’s proposal of the no fly zone which would have likely immediately resulted in war with Russia and Iran.  But why do we want war with Iran?  Why all the hostility toward shiites while the terror attacks on the US are coming from Sunnis?
Why? Because it would help Israel.
Once again this is another question that Tucker Carlson posed to John Bolton, one of the chief warmonger architects of the Iraq war.  Here was his response…

So this brings us to President Trump.  Just a few weeks ago, Trump announced that he was going to be pulling troops out of Syria and turning it over to Assad.  There was no reason for our troops to be there any longer as Assad and their ally Russia were on the cusp of victory against ISIS and liberated eastern Ghouta.  
Upon Trump announcing a pull out, Israel and other globalists within our government obviously didn’t like this and Netenyahu tried to convince Trump into staying.  It didnt work. So what happened next?
An alleged chemical attack that supposedly Assad launched.
Both the left and the right leaning media outlets, without having any evidence this was in fact Assad, relentlessly urged Trump to take action against Syria immediately.  You know who else urged Trump to strike Syria?  Israel. Netenyahu and other leaders of Israel were begging Trump to attack Syria immediately.  Last time I checked we gave Israel 38 Billion dollars in 2015 and $billions every single year, you would think they can start and finish their own wars right?

Well Israel did strike syria shortly after the alleged chemical attack, but it had nothing to do with the so called chemical attack in any way shape or form.  Even the New York Times was bold enough to admit this in an article they released saying 
“Israel’s strike on Syria did not appear to be in response to that event, raising the possibility that Israel had merely seized the opportunity to take out what it saw as a threat to it’s own security.”  
The target was in fact a threat to them.  Israel just took this advantage of this opportunity to justify taking out a T-4 airbase that Iran was using.  Israel’s strike killed Iranian nationals.  Once again, war with Iran and destabilizing the middle east is in Israel’s best interest. 
Now back to the chemical attack…  Why in the world would Assad launch an attack on his own people directly after he liberated those same people in a victorious military action?  Why would he poison children of his own country directly after Trump announced that we would pull out and turn the country over to him which is what he wants most of anything?
The answer is
. He wouldn’t.  
The New York Times, Fox News, NBC, ABC, The Guardian, pretty much all other mainstream news sources, independent journnalists and alt-media have collectively confirmed that ISIS has used chemical weapons at least 52 times in Syria.  Not to mention the fact that the last attack in 2017 wasn’t even confirmed to be sarin gas based on scientists determining the improbability based on the contact first responders had with victims and their subsequent reaction.

Also after Mattis said that there was no doubt that it was Assad who launched the attack  in 2017 after the US struck their airbase, he recently just this year came out and admitted that the US was NOT in fact sure it was even assad or the chemicals they used.  Sounds like something that we should just bypass congress and launch an illegal war attack for huh?
Now we have yet another deep state coup attempt we’re facing today.  And it’s fine because ‘mind control inc’ can just distract the sheep with a story about a sex scandal with a hooker from 12 years ago while Israel and all of the neocons around Trump pull us into another war right?
Its also important to note that the so called first responders who are known as the white helmets have also staged attack victims and have posed with ISIS militants time and time again, revealing that they’re probably not the most trustworthy of people either.
So I pose to you this question

How are we supposed to support a country who has had operatives within the US conducting the largest spying operation on the US government?

How do we support a country that had operatives indicted on terror charges against the US while conducting surveillance on our government larger than the soviet union ever has?
How do we support a country whose operatives have been seen celebrating after the attack on 9/11, have stolen American technology on multiple occasions and have sold american tech on multiple occasions?

How do we support a country who have attacked US spy ship USS Liberty after getting to close to discovering war crimes that Israel was committing during the 6 day war?
How do we support a country who provided doctored intelligence on Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction”  – Intelligence that they knew was false, intelligence that resulted in the deaths of thousands of american men and a middle east quagmire that we may never get out of.
Why do this?  What benefit is it to Israel to drag the US into wars that we have to finish costing the lives of american sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters sisters and brothers?
Well maybe this is the reason…