This Is The REAL America | Media Selling Divisive Falsehoods

The Media Is Wrong, Here’s The Real America

In the spirit of not having terrible news everyday, I think it is good to have an article to show the positive things going on in the world around us.


On September 2, 2017, Marines from the Modesto recruiting station helped host a Toys for Tots event outside the local Toys R Us.  Charities like this will surely make a massive impact on the families hit by hurricane Harvey and its estimated $70+ billion of damages.

Gunnery Sgt. Phavorachith (left), Sgt. Roberts (middle), Sgt. Reyes-Mandujano (right)


In common Marine fashion, they refused to smile for the photo.  A passing by family asked why they would not smile for the photo.  I informed them the only way to get Marines to smile is to tell them dirty jokes which were inappropriate for their children’s ears.  I got my smiling photo after all!


Now that I had earned their trust, they proceeded to tell me their favorite crayon flavors, why MRE’s give you super powers, and how essential it is to include pre-workout into your daily diet.  Jokes aside, they want you to know if you are in the Modesto California area and are interested in possibly joining the Marines; you can contact them at (209)-524-1775.  Leave a message with your name and phone number if they do not answer.  Generation “Z”, they are part of the government.  Their phones are probably older than you, so do not expect them to have caller I.D.

Remember that these types of local community projects are the easiest, and best ways to impact your society for the better.  Find other local charities to help provide support for the ones you believe in, and trust to do the most benefit for society.

Media Selling You False Stories About Division

As we have heard time and time again from all the pundits on CNN and MSNBC, “the country is divided.”  This is usually followed by some sort of hit piece regarding Trump where they ask him to help “unite the country again” by pleading with him to talk the exact way that they want him to.  This is really just more crying that their president lost.

But is the country really divided?  No.  Not even close.  When times get tough and people see their neighbors in trouble, they almost always extend their hands for help.  Such was the case during hurricane Harvey in Houston and will be the case during and after hurricane Irma in Florida.

Check out these photos from Harvey’s destruction and tell me that America is divided…


Shane Montie, left, helps one of his dogs board an airboat driven by volunteers Erik Davis, right, and JV Bagley, not pictured, of Carthage, Texas as they evacuate rising waters from Tropical Storm Harvey on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017, in Lumberton, Texas. (Ashley Landis/The Dallas Morning News via AP)