Protester Who Punched Black Trump Supporter Doxxes HIMSELF!

Confessions Of The Alt-Left

There is a line between thinking that someone’s ideas are bad and thinking that people with different ideas are bad. This line demarcates bigotry, and on August 20th Richard Losey trampled that line at an event entitled America First! Electric Vigil for the Victims of Illegals and Refugees. RC Maxwell, a well dressed black conservative, made the trek out to Laguna Beach from the Los Angeles area with the desire to open of the channels of communication between the left and right.


When black conservative RC Maxwell decided to attempt to dialogue with the leftists Richard decided that he didn’t want to hear him out, but that wasn’t enough. Richard also wanted to make sure nobody got to hear him either.

This was clearly not a case of self defense but simply the most recent example of left wing political violence. The mainstream media will not pick up this story because it does not follow the narrative. An informant also provided a screenshot of private messages were Rich reaffirms that his actions were not in self defense. 

“I only did that because he was wrong”- Richard Losey

Rich didn’t think that using violence against a black conservative was a big deal, in fact he thought it was funny. It is a mystery how Rich has stayed out of prison this long, not only does he assault people of differing political opinions, he brags about his actions to strangers on the internet and then doxxes himself on Baked Alaska’s Twitter. This event goes to show how mainstream rhetoric about right wing “Nazis” emboldens people who may have some emotional or psychological issues. Here are some of the posts that can be found on Richard’s page.

This picture above demonstrates a propensity for violence.

For every one time someone says that the Alt-Left doesnt exist, we have ten examples of their violence.


This is just Bizarre. Not exactly sure what the flag means but its just another image on the profile of a violent leftist criminal.

The most surprising thing about this whole attack is that he openly admits everything and is proud that he attacked Maxwell.

Ironically it was probably the influence of a black muslim radical that Richard’s emotional issues turned into a justification to victimize and unwitting black conservative who simply wanted to open a dialogue with the left. Despite left wing efforts patriots will be returning to Laguna Beach on September 24th for the final America First! Electric Vigil for the Victims of Illegals and Refugees . A video of the unprovoked attack can be seen below.