Portland ANTIFA assaults Red Elephant Reporter

Portland Police fight ANTIFA Protesters

ANTIFA attacks photographers, Reporters, and Law Enforcement at Free Speech Rally

September 10, 2017

Portland Oregon

Patriot Prayer – Joey Gibson’s Patriot Group, held another Free Speech Rally in Progressive paradise , lib-central, Portlandia Or.

The event had been planned  and scheduled for weeks, it is becoming the new norm, other attention grabbing occurences have made the excuse, by Rose City ANTIFA, and other militant agitators to show up and create chaos excusable in their eyes.

Mr. Gibson , after perusing the social networks of the crazy left, decides to formulate a plan to call on his trusted inner circle to appear at the scheduled Portland event location, give the impression the Rally was there, and to take the fire  from the left in order to insure a safe rally for others to attend, just across the Columbia River in Vancouver Washington.

The Portland Rally began around 12:30 , there was a medium sized presence at the Chapman Square sight, you may recall that name from the infamous Occupy Wall Street riots , the small in comparison group of Patriots … as you can see in my video below, are speaking with a Department Of Homeland Security Officer about the perimeter and safety area, it turns out Law Enforcement has erected an area several blocks to the east by the waterfront to separate the groups for safety.

During this time Joey Gibson is preparing the Rally in Vancouver, we are speaking with him on the phone and we find out ANTIFA has a handful of Patriots surrounded down at the waterfront.


We head east to help our friends, the intention being, get to Vancouver by 2:00 for the main rally, as we begin our walk as a group to the waterfront, all of the agitators follow us and begin taunting us, calling us Nazi’s, white supremacists, and filthy names that would make a sailor blush, as we near the waterfront, the anger disrupts, it felt like Dead man walking, the term used for a prisoner being put to death, last walk to the electric chair.

We arrive and observe 20 or so Patriots, our group included, in a fenced off pen with hundreds of screaming angry lunatics threatening us on 3 sides, the Police had several altercations with ANTIFA, the anarchists having brought and deployed smoke bombs, bats, and other devices of rage and lawlessness.

Time was getting short to go to Vancouver so we decided it was time to head back to the park area to retrieve our cars and travel across the river.

The Police gave us cover and assisted us the dozen or so blocks to safety, all along the route we were accosted by the other side, one of the Patriots mentioned it reminded him of the Clint Eastwood movie “The Gauntlet” , I unfortunately got separated from the group and was a block over, I presumed I would simply meet up with them at the next intersection, i was mistaken.

The Protesters .. seeing me alone, were emboldened, they started chanting my name, throwing objects at me, and yelling threats, a well aimed bagel came flying from behind me, knocking my camera out of my hands, I retrieved it and a masked person began kicking me and hitting me, I walked over near the riot Police and they pushed me away, from behind me another masked person threw a punch, connecting with my bicep, luckily i had my camera, damaged from the fall, in my other hand.

The Law Enforcement saw her sucker-punch me, pursued her on foot, arresting her nearby , I meanwhile, was receiving more threats, the masked hooligans trying to surround me, when the riot Police arrived and dispersed the crowd.

As I walked the long few blocks to return to my vehicle in the Parking Garage, a Police officer approached me, I was thinking he would demand I leave the area since they were calling out on loudspeakers “disperse or be arrested”, but to my pleasant surprise, he recognized me and asked me if i would like to press charges against my assailant, I gave him my info and he followed up with a case number, the prosecutors Office is currently reviewing the case to determine wether or not to charge the attacker.

There was 7 individuals arrested Sunday in Portland, charges ranging from disorderly conduct to interfering with a Police Officer, ALL 7 arrested are from the left, the media would have you believe that the violence comes from both sides, that is disingenuous and fraudulent.

The Left continues to claim, they are the tolerant defenders of all the victims of Trump supporting White Nationalists… but, look at the facts, the individuals creating mayhem, assaulting Citizens, nearly always come from the left.

ANTIFA claims their name comes from anti-fascist ,their conduct however most certainly EXEMPLIFIES fascism, the sooner Americans embrace the truth about what they really are, the sooner we will have peaceful events, and Freedom of Speech without the threat of violence.

Short of that , we lose our Country and become that which we fight to keep from becoming.

breasts apparently are supposed to protest Trump ?