Pacific Northwest Trump Supporters disprove anti-diversity fallacy

Shattering The Myth The Media Casts On Trump Supporters

To hear the Liberal Media on a daily.. no hourly basis, President Trump’s supporters are white supremacists , Nazi’s , haters of anyone different, immigrants, gays, and every individual not meeting their imaginary Conservative criteria.

Portland Or. Seattle Wa. San Francisco Ca.  all part of the blue State left coast…..

But wait, hold the phone, stop the presses.

The reality doesn’t match the perception!

Allow me to introduce you to 2 of my Trump supporting friends,Tiny Toese and Kasey Brown.

I was introduced to Kasey last fall, a fellow Multnomah County Republican messaged me about a Transgender Woman who had contacted our office to inquire about the County GOP and her desire to get involved.

I went to our street fair booth and Kasey shared Her story with me.

She previously had been an active member of the Multnomah County Democrat Party, despite being Transgender, her support of The Constitution, Capitalism, Gun rights, President- then Candidate Trump , She clashed with the Party’s referendum on what a Transgender Individual is supposed to think.

Subsequently they began to be nasty to her, She is an articulate person that is intelligent, curious, and seeks solutions not clashes.

Kasey has found a home with the Multnomah County Republican’s , She is a PCP and committee Captain that is respected , liked, and accepted, we as a group are stronger with her insight, leadership, and contributions.

To further dispel the Republican Party- Trump supporting bigoted Media label i give you Tiny Toese.

I met Tiny in downtown Portland this spring at an event the ANTIFA scheduled against the Portland Police Department.

The group Patriot Prayer founded by Joey Gibson, was appearing to back up the Police, given the ANTIFA penchant for creating violence and destruction, they did over a million dollars damage following the election last November.

Tiny , as you can hear in the included YouTube video above, is an American Samoan that had been a Trump hating believer in committing violence against the ill-percieved White Supremacist Citizens he’d been led to believe are the enemy.

His intention was to trick Joey Gibson into believing he was a Trump Supporter.

After an eye opening trip down to a Bay Area Rally, Tiny realized he had been misled, the hate and vitriol wasn’t on the right.

The hate was on the left, those who claim they are the Party of tolerance, love, inclusiveness practice the opposite.

To the Left Tiny is an Uncle Tom , a Man with Brown skin who embraces white privilege, accepts only fellow Conservatives, loves America, all the things the left hates.

Tiny appears at Rally’s , Pro-Trump. Free speech events, He is always using his God Given strength to be an angel watching over his friends and insure they are free to gather without being attacked by the violent left.

Protesters listen during the Trump Free Speech Rally in Portland, Oregon, U.S. June 4, 2017. REUTERS/David Ryder

Here,  on the LEFT COAST , Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans, Patriots, ALL benifit from the diverse contributors in our journey to remain a society of freedom and liberty, Tiny and Kasey are shining examples of what can be accomplished by simply having an open mind not by judging individuals by what they look like or live as, we benefit by taking the time to discover who they are and what they stand for.