Oregon Republicans declare candidacy at Rally

Callahan for Congress



July 29 2017 Oregon State Capitol

The Conservative  Group, NORTHWEST TRUMP ALLIANCE FOR CHANGE , holds a rally on the steps of the Capitol in Salem, many attend on this sunny Oregon afternoon to listen to various speakers address topics important to the States fiscal sustainability, education,livability,and constitutional freedoms

Included among the  speakers were Arin Marcus, originator of the recall Governor Kate Brown petition, Joey Nations and Joey Gibson leaders of Western Patriot and Patriot Prayer Warriors respectively, current Oregon Legislator Mike Nearman, and Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier.

However,the fireworks and applause were reserved for the unexpected announcements from Mark Callahan and Bruce Cuff.

Mark Callahan a staunch Constitutional Conservative from the Portland Metro Area, is an I.T. specialist who ran in 2012 for Oregon House, in 2014 in the Senate to replace Dem. Jeff Merkley, and in 2016 to replace Dem. and New York resident Ron Wyden.

Mark lost to Wyden in 2016 in a very Blue Oregon, he received over 600 thousand votes, a better showing than any previous Republican Candidate had managed in Senate races.

Mr. Callahan is now setting his sights on Dem. Kurt Schrader, an extremely liberal Congressman who hates guns, votes pro-choice, and generally goes Leftist Party-line on all initiatives placed on his desk.

Bruce Cuff a Salem area realtor ran in the primaries in 2014 for Governor, Oregonians were still blind to the scandals that John Kitzaber would eventually resign from…. resulting in Gov. elect Kate Brown, the State could have forgone all the scandal, humiliation, and legal fiasco by simply electing Bruce.

Both Politicians, Bruce and Mark were front and center supporting the Bundy’s and Hammond’s in the Malheur County Federal refuge stand-off, often appearing with the defendants Families in Portland where the Bundy Brothers were being held.

They also represent …. like President Trump, a harkening back to the founders of our Government of Liberty, self-reliance,  Family, hard work, and a set of principles and values to help bring back prosperity to a State that has forgotten the industries and structure that made it such a desirable location.

The audience at the Oregon state capitol stand for representation were thrilled to find out we have two good Men running to replace Schrader and Brown, the Citizens of Oregon no doubt are reacting similarly , we want our State back, logging, hunting, ranching, land rights and many more, it begins with the election of 2018, and Bruce Cuff Governor – Mark Callahan Congressman.

Accomplishing that ,will go a long way to make  OREGON GREAT AGAIN.