2017 MayDay riots Portland Or.

ANTIFA Agitator Luis Marquez Has ALL Charges Against Him Dropped In Multnomah County Court

August 4, 2017 Portland Or. 

In early July, I brought you the story of ANTIFA Luis Marquez, I detailed in great depth his criminal behavior, inciting violence, chanting bigoted anti-white hate speech, doxing the Right,and many other typical anarchist wanna-be sojourns.

After multiple arrests for assault, interference with Police duty, stalking, and the egregous act of harassing merchants in his neighborhood, calling them white Nazi’s, accusing them of bigotry, restraining orders were issued to keep him away.

Today, at 9:30 a.m. PST ,his hearing in Court took place to address his restraining order’s ( yes i said order,s as in several ) and his previous arrests, victims who wished to testify against “Pumpkin Man ” under oath ,appeared and spoke before the Judge , onlookers , and justice seeking victims of his ruthless behavior.

For readers in the 49 States not familiar with the left coast bias , aren’t socialist sympathizers or embracers of hedonistic behavior, you who who actually have a moral compass, I will relay to you the outcome.

The Judge dismissed ALL charges, “SnagglePuss” as some call Luis , is now free to go back to harassment, racist remarks, bullying, stalking, back to all things public scumbag , that Luis is infamous for.

Lets revisit my previous article, in it I hypothesize ” perhaps Luis is a Police informant ?” this decision today in Multnomah County further strenghthens my theory.

Why would an individual with a rap sheet as long as the Columbia River have all the charges dropped.. Luis calling a German Man a Nazi for example, and threatening gay Conservatives in a Liberal City should result in locking  him up and throwing  away the key, right?

Apparently not if you are a Trump hating, White bashing, BLM, Hands Up Don’t Shoot, Fuc* the Police supporting SJW.

If however are a snitch, or a drug dealer  the Authorities need to topple the drug lord or local terrorist cell, perhaps the crimes Luis can’t seem to control himself from committing , are simply too petty to take Law Enforcement away from landing the BIG FISH, the ringleader.

Luis is obviously a meaningless  insignificant miscreant, a troll that needs to feel important by attempting to hurt others, in months to come, we will find out where this rat hides ,his rabbit hole, hopefully it will lead Authorities to the domestic terror cells ,that seek to punish American Citizens.

I will continue to follow Luis Marquez, everytime he commits crimes , it won’t be difficult ,consistently occurring on a weekly basis, my suspiscion of his true agenda, will be exposable, we are on to him and I personally will not rest till the truth is revealed.