No American Flags Allowed At 9/11 Memorial? Who’s Going To Stop Us?

A sea of American Flags dot the landscape at Ground Zero, The 9/11 Memorial Museum after Patriots had been told they could not display American Flags on the premises.

What Sort Of Way Is This To Honor Our Fallen?

Report by Margurite Levasseur, New York City.  Wow, what a weekend for this Boston girl! Independence Day, 4th of July, a giant birthday party, complete with barbecue and fireworks shows. A party for the entire nation to enjoy. This year’s festivities, by luck of the calendar, lasted four days.

There were some Patriots who took time out of the generously long, long weekend, to travel to Ground Zero in New York City to reflect on the lives lost on September 11, 2001, and to show some love for America.

There are many Patriots, who traveled to Ground Zero, on Independence Day for some solemn reflection, and to prove a point. Vigilantis Pretium Libertatis (Vigilance is the Price of Freedom). Patriots were here in droves because they had been told that American Flags were not allowed at Ground Zero.

WHAT? (They have the video).

Posted by Marguerite Levasseur on Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What does a conscientious American do in troubled times? – Phone a friend. Turns out, the American Freedom Keepers (sponsors of the assembly) have a lot of like minded friends, from all over. Friends willing to travel to New York City for the weekend. They weren’t there to cause a scene, or to make trouble, we all were there to remember the fallen with a moment of silence at 08:46 and again at 09:03.

Posted by Marguerite Levasseur on Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Our task having been completed, we turned into tourists, and cruised NYC. We went up to the observation deck of 1 World Trade for a photo opportunity. Much to our delight, Brawny Paper Towels paid for EVERYONE’S $30 admission fee for the 4th of July, 2017. THAT deserves a shameless plug!

We walked around, seeing the sights, landing at Trump Tower, conveniently around lunchtime.
At Trump Tower, there was a so-called “big” protest. Don’t believe the CNN distortion. If there were 35 “protesters,” I’d be shocked. If there were 70, I will literally eat my shorts. I will barbecue them, and EAT them, LIVE.

The brightest light of the protest (I’m using that term loosely, here) were these two ladies. They walked between the building (Trump Tower) and the protesters (all 35 of them) with this flag (I think I saw the one in the hat, throw an elbow. I know I did the “big camera” pick for them).

The woman in the red jacket, maybe Haitian, maybe African, I didn’t ask. I didn’t care. What was she in my mind? AMERICAN! Most probably she is a naturalized American. I’m a birthright American. Do you know what that makes both of us? AMERICANS! Exactly equal Americans! OK, she dresses better than I do … This woman was flawless! Perfect dress, like “go to church Easter Sunday” perfect. AND, she told off a dim wit, in the most polite way possible. I’m disappointed I didn’t get that on video! It is ALWAYS a joy to behold for a birthright citizen to see a naturalized citizen explain things to a MORON.

All in all, it was a PERFECT day! Started off somewhat precariously with “how do I overcome sick co-workers,” (I had expected three Red Elephants to attend, but sadly, the other two could not make it due to serious illness). So I was left with the more daunting challenge of covering the event all on my own.
However, trepidation was soon overcome with patriotism and admiration. And at the end of the day, I ended up meeting lots of new friends and fellow Patriots who I shall keep in touch with in case I should ever have the need to call someone trusted in troubled times.