NATIONWIDE: Antifa Plans Terror Attacks For 11-4-17

Rose City ANTIFA proudly displays a Communist flag.


Portland Or. 9-28-17

My perspective, a Conservative residing in a liberal City, affords me the ability to anticipate eventual extremist violence.

In order to obtain footage i can upload to my YouTube channel, i must attend and film amongst the Patriots or Trump Supporters  being accosted by ANTIFA, BLM, Oregon Students Empowered, and various other alt-left hate groups.

I hear the venom spewed among their chants of “NAZIS GO HOME” , i see the hatred and contempt in their cold empty souls, hiding under their comfort “blankie” the scarf-pantie used to hide their identity.

With each and every event, the anger and vitriol has hit critical stage, perhaps a color barometer, not unlike the terror danger code used following 9-11 is in order, the willingness to commit acts of violence on American Citizens by ANTIFA has reached that point.

Why do I write about this now you may be asking?

ANTIFA is now circulating fliers, articles in Democrat friendly publications, Colleges, Union Halls, anyplace that is a supporter of their inflammatory rhetoric , a Nationwide Event called ” The Trump and Pence Regime has got to go ”

Their call is ..take to the streets and public squares across the Country, continuing day and night – not stopping- until our demands are met!

We as Freedom loving American Citizens must plan to defend our Cities, fellow Man, and expect these domestic terrorists to stop at nothing to inflict damage and pain on the Citizens they hold in such contempt.

I report and film at many rallies sponsored and organized by Patriot Prayer, local Vancouver native Joey Gibson,s group, he has become synonomous with the American freedom movement and a regular guest on Fox News Channel, and many other well known Media outlets.

One of the tactics employed by the left, fake news outlets, Trump enemies.. is divide and conquer, Saul Alinsky  made it the central ideology of his anarchy for dummies bible “rules for radicals”

Why bother battling Trump Supporters with progressive propaganda when vilifing Patriots among them… courageous individuals who sacrafice personal safety, Family, career, and community standing, can be utilized ?

I proudly stand among groups with various creed, outlook, and faith, they call themselves Patriot Prayer, 111% ,  Proudboys, Oathkeepers, and many other orginizational names.

I have found one constant among all of these groups, love of Country, desire to protect fellow Citizens, professional courtesy, honor and character.

I also covered the Bundy Ranch stand-off in Eastern Oregon at the wildlife refuge, the individuals who stood with Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy, the Hammond Family were ostracized as right wing fundamentalistic para-military extremists, that couldn’t have been further from the truth!

We as keepers of the founding Fathers virtues, bear the responsabilty to defend our shores from terrorists abroad and more so , our Cities from domestic enemies, letting the biased Lamestream Media determine the identity and purpose of genuine Patriotic Americans , will certainly doom us to failure.

Take the time to find for yourself the true intentions of the mislabeled Men and Women who risk themselves to protect the onslaught of anger and destruction favored by our enemies, the haters of all we take for granted , the unique freedoms that make America great.

Christians use the proverb indicating if Jesus came to your front door, would you welcome Him, it is teaching .. reminding Christians to give their faith and hearts to Jesus, I invite you, among perilous times to still occur, judge the Patriots who will show up to protect your Communities by their actions and ideals, not by what those in the media that hate.

And beware of November 4th, these Soros funded Freedom hating extremists have no conscious, they will stop at nothing to complete their mission, communism, socialism, reparations, and the demise of The Constitution.

Rose City ANTIFA