Massive Samoan Patriot flattens ANTIFA


Tiny Toese Portland Patriot tosses ANTIFA aside like Godzilla trashing Tokyo

Readers of my articles on The Red Elephants likely recognize the name. ‘TINY.’ You may have also heard his personal story of the transformation from Trump hater to Patriot protecting joyful warrior as he is featured in many videos taking out the ‘commie’ trash.

Sunday October 8th was no exception, Active Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson, well known Pro-Freedom advocate, and a hated target for ANTIFA, held another Freedom Rally in downtown Portland.

Joey,s intent is to share the basic ideals his group aspire to, among them are freedom of speech, religion, the ability to support our President without being attacked by the alt-left.

With the previous events in his mind, and the certainty of violence propagated on the right by crazy, out of control ANTIFA, Oregon Students empowered, BLM, and various other bitter , angry, miscreants always staging counter protests, Joey shares his plans with his core-trustworthy, group of friends only, confident of the secrecy being maintained.

Less than 24 hours before his rally is to be held, confident the structure of his base is prepared to arrive and defend his guest speakers, Joey posts his event to Facebook and other social sites where the local media, ANTIFA, and most importantly Patriot Prayer supporters may have the opportunity to attend.

His core, including myself, meet at a parking garage in downtown Portland and march the dozen or so blocks together for safety, to Chapman Square Park.

Upon arrival, my first impression was that we were crashing a Protest, there were Police in riot attire, DHS officers, and lots of hooligans in all black wearing panties over their face to hide their identity, by now we know most of them anyway.

There was speeches and a prayer before we, as a group, marched a multiple block route, expressing our freedom, ANTIFA followed us closely behind, shouting, trying to start fights etc.

As we wound up approaching our original site, Chapman Square, the thugs rushed ahead of our group , locking arms to try to prevent us from re-entering the park.

As a Videographer, it is important to know the laws , it is absolutely illegal to block a Citizen from a public thorough fare .

Tiny Toese , who had been walking with us and protecting our members, immediately takes action, creating a human bulldozer, reminiscent of a speeding locomotive , pushing them aside to clear our path, the pathetic ,minuscule, clad in black ninja turtles, parting like the red sea for Moses, bouncing like a strike in a bowling ally, left scurrying away to lick their wounds.

My video seen here, has since gone viral, many comments on my YouTube Channel raving about Tiny, Patriot Prayer, and the Constitution supporting individuals who march proudly alongside.

Here is my point,

We are winning the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans, the millions who voted for President Trump and are vilified by the condescending Media, the minority fears their message of hatred for Country and values to fail to be embraced by anybody outside of the Lamestream Media, academia, Hollywood, and Professional sports community.

I encourage you to proudly stand and defend your President, Your Values, integrity will always persevere over evil, and Tiny will always strike terror into the hearts of the enemy and love in the hearts of goodness, that is how we KEEP AMERICA GREAT.