Massachusetts ID Fraud Case: “The Most Corrupt State in the Nation”

Did Mass Surpass Illinois In Corruption?

In keeping with the label “The Most Corrupt State in the Nation,” Massachusetts has shown the country that we have some craziness running around the Commonwealth, aside from Elizabeth Warren. Evelyn Medina, 56 of Boston, Annette Gracia, 37 of Boston, Kimberly Jordan, 33 of Randolph, David Brimage, 46, of Boston, Bivian Yohanny Brea, 41 of Boston and a 32-year-old man identified as John Doe, later identified in court as Angel Migel Beltrade Tejada of Dorchester, were all charged in federal court with aggravated identity theft.

Let me lay out the scam for you. Medina, Gracia, Jordan and Brimage worked at the Haymarket Registry of Motor Vehicles as clerks. The Haymarket RMV is conveniently located at the Haymarket MBTA station, accessible by the “T” from anywhere in the city of Boston, and surrounding communities, Malden, Quincy, Sommerville, Waltham and all the other hot spots for illegals, inside Rt 128.

Tejeda allegedly sold forged Puerto Rican birth certificates and Social Security cards to Brea, who in turn increased the price of these documents, and sold them to illegals, individuals who were previously deported, and an individual, who, admittedly wanted to avoid the police, because he had a drug case pending. Here is the good part. The RMV workers would then check the Social Security numbers, assuring they actually belonged to a living person, and issued an honest to God, legitimate Massachusetts Drivers License or State ID and voter registration card. Allegedly.  (Ask any liberal, they will tell you voter fraud is a myth.)  Five of the six are out on bail, with Tejeda on an ICE hold, he had forged identification documents on him. (NO, say it ain’t so.) The four RMV workers are on administrative leave without pay.

How’d they catch them? In October 2015, an anonymous letter came in to the State Police claiming a “corrupt RMV employee” was issuing “real” IDs with known phony documents. The Troopers investigated, and here we are. I’m wondering how many of those licenses issued actually took the test to drive, and how many accidents, how much property damage and how much other fraud was committed with these fake “real” documents?  How many passports were issued? Is the State going to go looking for the recipients of these licenses? How many other criminals obtained these licenses, for the meager price of two grand? The Registrar, Erin Deveney, called the alleged actions by the four clerks “intolerable.” The RMV said it has “has taken steps to immediately suspend the licenses and right to operate of the individuals who allegedly obtained fraudulent driver’s licenses or ID cards.” The agency added in a statement that it is “taking steps to evaluate and ensure the integrity of our secure identification system and require additional fraud prevention training for staff.”

The infuriating bit is this; the State Police have known about this racket for nearly two years, yet it took them all this time to get a FEDERAL prosecutor involved, because we all know the Suffolk County prosecutors would never touch a hot potato like this one. Massachusetts State Troopers are far from stupid! They knew that if this case was brought before a Massachusetts judge, it wouldn’t go very far. Most probably these defendants would get a slap on the wrist from the liberal judges in Massachusetts, sad commentary on the enforcement of National immigration laws here in Mass. Massachusetts is effectively a sanctuary State. (MSP-Policy-Signed) I know, I know, technically we are not, Republican Governor Charlie Baker does not want to lose federal funding. The ink is not quite dry on the policy enacted recently, hobbling the police. Do these fake “real” IDs qualify as a reason to detain/arrest? I have lots of follow up questions. I’ll keep you posted.