Graphic: Liberals Continue to Attack Inauguration Attendees During So-Called “Peaceful” Protest

GRAPHIC VIDEO:  Man Attacked by Masked Cowards

Reports from the pre-inauguration festivities indicate that groups of protesters have become increasingly violent. An earlier video featured on shows bottles being thrown at inaugural ball attendees and police officers. Unfortunately, the violence has spread as many claim to have been attacked by protesters in the streets. One video shows a man being attacked by protesters and his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat stolen.

A video of the attack shows masked protesters instigating a brawl resulting in the arrest of the individual who punched the man wearing the white hat.

Moments later the man from the video was struck in the head with a flag pole and was taken to a local hospital where he received 7 staples to close the wound.

trump injury 3

The man featured in both the video and photographs is a well known youtube and twitter personality who has been vocal about his support of Donald Trump. It is unclear if the leftest protesters knew who the man was and targeted him or if this was a random act of violence.  The phrase “Love Trumps Hate” which has been popular among anti-Trump protesters the last few weeks seems to have been forgotten this in favor of “Ignorance Trumps Love” proving once again that the left isn’t as tolerant as they pretend to be.

The next few hours are pivotal as millions of Americans wait anxiously by their televisions and cell phones unsure of what the left may perpetrate ahead of the Inauguration tomorrow evening.  One can only hope that this violence subsides and that the promises of a “Peaceful” protest are met.

bleeding hand (2)