Left Wing Terrorism Unchecked in Orange County, Ca

The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Being a conservative in today’s America means living in a state of constant fear of being outed and being fired, publicly shamed, and even facing violent reprisal. The left has mobilized both structural and physical violence to strip the right of our civil liberties. This may sound like hyperbole but the weight of evidence is significant. In the conservative stronghold of Orange County very few Trump stickers are seen on cars, the owners know that patriotism invites vandalism. American flags have been restricted in many places to not offend foreigners who chose to come here.

In Bolsa Chica, masked left wing radicals joined mainstream liberals in attempting to use fear to stop a peaceful march in support of veterans, police , and the president. In Berkeley the use of explosives, knives, glass bottles, bear mace, and other projectiles were used in order to attempt to end multiple conservative events. This violence is supported and encouraged by the mainstream democrats and liberals who helped perpetuate the “Trump supporters are Nazi’s who must be stopped” narrative. They cannot wash their hands of the blood that has been spilled by their partisan fabrications. The only thing progressive about the left is that their movement is becoming progressively more violent and dangerous.

But there is more blame to pass around. When a tactic is effective it is inevitably perpetuated until it is no longer effective. Because conservatives and right wing business owners have been cowed successfully, they often act as the perfect allies of the left. It is the continued appeasement of left wing terrorists by conservatives willing to bow to leftist social pressure and outright violence that has stoked the flame of left wing terrorism again.

Convicted felon and environmental terrorist Josh Harper, speaking under the alias Stella Bandar, contacted Old World and claimed that the organizer throwing the event and his group were Nazis. A cursory glance at Harper’s profile would reveal his true intentions, Harper bragged about serving prison time openly on his profile and had his home raided by the department of defense and a joint terrorism task force for his role in aiding the actions of environmental terrorists.

Instead of treating such a ridiculous accusation with skepticism the staff at Old World proceeded immediately to accuse the organizer of falsely promoting the event. The organizer however had secured the date and scope of the event with Old World and was set to make the final deposit that day.

After substantial blowback on Old World’s Facebook post and Yelp page, Old World made a retraction but sustained that they hadn’t “cancelled the event.”

Another event at an Esports arena was also cancelled when left wing terrorists made credible threats against the owners of the venue, claiming that they had the addresses of the owners and would commit acts of violence against them if they allowed the event to happen.

Only the increased support of grass roots movements by conservatives will turn back this dangerous trend. Only when business owners refuse to be cowed into submission by political terrorists, can the right take back Orange County. Seeing the extent to which left wing terrorism has been allowed to spread should have every right winger questioning whether it was worth ceding our civil liberties and second amendment rights for what has now been exposed as a hollow promise of safety.

For now concerned conservatives can join in the fight in two ways. On July 9th there is to be a protest outside of the Old World restaurant in Huntington Beach. https://www.facebook.com/events/451237245229525/?ti=icl

Concerned right wingers can also voice there opinion on Old World’s Yelp page to demand a formal apology and an act of contrition.

There is also a petition in support of “Make Cali Great” organization who was planning the event on July 9th.

It is important to remember that all that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.



Left Wing Terrorism Unchecked in Orange County, Ca