Lauren Southern Detained for Blocking Migrant Boats In Italy

Political activist Lauren Southern is fighting to bring attention to the dangers of open borders and political correctness.

Young Political Activist Remains Undaunted

Lauren Southern was detained a few hours ago in Italy with a group known as Generation Identity. They were attempting to block a boat from re-entering an Italian port in an effort to stem the tide of dangerous foreigners coming into Europe.

This is the most recent event in a series of actions she has taken to expose the dangerous conditions that have been festering in Europe. The combination of open borders and political correctness have led to a drastic rise in terrorist activities.

Southern has been on the front lines in Berkeley, France, and now Italy, working diligently to spread her message. Even though terrorist attacks are on the rise, European states have done very little to secure their countries. While Britain found cause to leave the E.U., France, Italy and Germany continue to endanger their citizens and the rest of Europe.

Just a few hours ago, Southern posted a lone tweet telling her fans she was “alive.” Even though Southern continues to put herself in danger, the young political activist seems undaunted by her experiences.

With refugees flooding the E.U. and only a few countries standing up to the invasion (Poland and Slovakia) there is certainly a need for the brave actions of groups like Generation Identity and Lauren Southern. Whether or not it will be enough to preserve Europe, only time will tell.