Journalist Bullies Target Employee Over $0.01 Toothbrush

David Leavitt, the self described “Award-Winning Multimedia Journalist” was upset today to find that the toothbrush he wanted to buy for $0.01 was in fact not priced at $0.01 (a penny)

David called the police and decided to post the face of a target employee on Twitter to his audience of well over 200,000 in an attempt to garner sympathy for the horrible misfortune of not being able to screw over a business over a toothbrush.

When you thought journalists couldn’t get much worse, a wild David Leavitt appears…

The Official Target Twitter account responded to David asking that he DM them his information… They did NOT ask David Leavitt to remove THEIR own employees face off of his Twitter page.

Even deceased Anthony Bourdain had a few words for David:

America sympathies with this face…

This is the face America gives Journalists every single time they turn on their televisions, every time they open social media and every time the read the news paper…

Journalists are the enemy of the people and they tirelessly prove this to us day in and day out with their disgusting behavior.