Jewish Man Fired From Harvard After Talking about Genital Mutilation

Intolerance At Harvard University 

Eric Clopper, a Jewish man and play performer, has been fired from Harvard university for what some call a ‘radical’ presentation about male genital mutilation that is going on in some communities in America.

His presentation was shirtless, enthusiastic, and certainly interesting to say the least.  Apparently though it was a little too much for Harvard University heads.

Clopper, a systems administrator at the language resource center located in Lamont Library, offered these remarks as part of his one-man production “Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story,” an event advertised on three separate Harvard websites—though as of Wednesday evening, a listing for the production had been deleted from the Harvard College site.

What Clopper is referring to probably isn’t the type of genital mutilation you are used to hearing about.  He is not talking about female genital mutilation that is predominant in the Muslim community and that is already illegal in America. He is talking about the Jewish practice of circumcision and more particularly the type of circumcision that is done by Jewish ‘mohels’ that usually ends in the mohel sucking the blood of the infant at the end.  A practice that is completely legal here regardless of its peculiarity and history of herpes being spread rampantly.

Here is one example…

After being fired from Harvard, Clopper talked about where he will go from here, how people can spread his message of what he calls a barbaric practice, and why this issue is so important to him.

Clopper has also expressed in his follow up video that he will be filing a law suit against Harvard University…