Jewish Group Uses Holocaust Survivors To Berate Trump’s Border Policy

Jewish Group Uses Propaganda To Push For Open Borders in America

It has always amazed me how hypocritical most of these powerful Jewish-American groups are in the US.  First we saw 1,000 Rabbis sign a letter in 2015 to push for congress to allow one million Muslim refugees into America, while they also simultaneously supported the wall as well as DNA tests to prove people are of Jewish blood before granting citizenship in Israel. Then, we saw a hundred Rabbis stage a sit-in on the capitol in protest for Trump to give amnesty to all DACA recipients, while they also simultaneously support Israel’s sovereignty.  Then we see Jews in congress like Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein, who receive millions from AIPAC the most powerful lobby in America, throw their share of shade at Trump while also shilling for Israel.  And now this…

The ADL, run by Johnathan Greenblatt who once called Trump an anti-semite for using the word ‘globalist,’ is using actual holocaust survivors to berate Trump on his border policy.

Most Americans don’t know how powerful Jewish groups like the ADL, the SPLC, HIAS, the JCPA, AIPAC, the Wiesenthal Center and The RAC are here in America.

The ADL for instance has recently created an Artificial intelligence machine learning technology called the online hate index.  This technology has been already implemented partially into the algorithms of two major social media platforms.  Facebook, run by Jewish-American Mark Zuckerberg and YouTube which is run by Jewish-American Susan Wojcicki.  This technology automatically teaches for words like “republican,” “guns,” “America,” and other words used by conservative nationalists.  This may be the reason why we have been getting banned more often.

The ADL and the Wisenthal Center are also reportedly behind most of the funding for the national Lawyers Guild and their group of ‘green hats’ who attend rallies with the sole purpose of helping to bail out Antifa members after they punch or beat Trump supporters.

Powerful and central banker backed groups like these have received millions from JP Morgan to fight ‘hate speech,’ took control of Starbuck’s diversity training after their recent debacle, and were allegedly behind lobbying for McGraw Hill, the country’s largest school book publisher, to destroy all books that show the Palestinian ‘loss of land map.’  It’s also important to mention that the CEO of McGraw Hill, a company that provides your children with their printed daily indoctrination, is David Levin.

Here is a few other tweets by the ADL showing their strong support for the sovereignty, nationalism and independence of Israel, while also attempting to dismantle America’s.

It’s not a conspiracy anymore that Hollywood and the media is run by Greenblatt types, poisoning the minds of our American youth while promoting open borders fallacious propaganda through mainstream media.  I mean, even Jewish comedian Larry David and Oliver Stone admits that this is true.  Why hide it?

But nevertheless, the ADL is fighting so hard to collude with other Jewish groups in America to push propaganda through their friends in Hollywood and congress to completely destroy President Trump, our country’s borders and American and European culture.

The ADL also just released a hypocritical statement about how people should not be so quick to draw comparisons to the holocaust, while also comparing Trump’s America first stance and his push for border security to….. wait for it…. to the Holocaust!

You just can’t make this up!