Jake Tapper Calls Out Muslim Radical Linda Sarsour for Exalting Cop Killer

Any Progressives Out There Condemning This?

CNN’s Jake Tapper has recently gotten into a Twitter spat with Muslim radical Linda Sarsour over her support for the cop-killing Assata Shakur. It started when the Women’s March Facebook page posted a tweet praising the fugitive cop killer.

Tapper responded to the tweet with a statement of his own condemning the praise for Assata and also calling out progressives who are passive against these kinds of heinous “heroes.” In the past, progressives have also been unwilling to condemn Sarsour’s calls for Jihad against the Trump administration.

Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, went on to criticize Jake Tapper’s tweet as being inflammatory. Showing that Black Lives Matter considers the killing of a cop less inflammatory than talking about real crimes that a black person has committed. White lives are less important than their false narrative.

Tapper responded by bringing up the fact of the murder again.

There were several tweets in which Garza responds but not a single one in which she addresses the murder. Looking for an out, but afraid to make the statement herself, it seems she is content to re-tweet a conspiracy theory in which the murder is a setup.

She tweets many times after that, but never addresses the issue of the Women’s March praising a cop killer. Instead she condemns “equating a cop killer with the Women’s March” as an attempt to delegitimize the Women’s March.

Unless Jake Tapper hacked into the Women’s March Twitter account, the only one responsible for the association is the poster who decided it would be a good idea to praise a cop killer.

Besides, if you’re seeking to assign blame to someone for making the Women’s March look bad, look no further than the designer of this.