Infiltrating Antifa & BAMN Extremists

The Alt-Left Is Not Fringe, it’s Mainstream In Almost Every University

For over fifty years, Baby Boomers were told about the “Red Scare”, the encroaching threat of communism in the United States.  It has been implemented for over the last decade.  As I see its effects in this country grow, I question where it will climax.  What will our society look like if we do not address this problem?  Will America ever notice that its children are being indoctrinated into a violent Marxist cult?  Myself and a couple of others organized an undercover operation to see for ourselves exactly what the rhetoric is.  Before this, I believed they were mostly random mobs of different organizations that turned violent out of mob mentality.  The scary fact is that they are far more organized and nefarious than I had previously thought.

Months ago, we started the infiltration into several of these groups. It recently became more dangerous when one of our main undercover personnel had their cover blown while trying to save someone from being killed in Berkeley 08/27/2017.  Their story will be covered in more detail in another article because their life has been threatened.  We are now going to expose some of the inter-working’s of their organization.

I have never heard of “evil supervillains”, such as the common examples Hitler and Mao Zedong, explicitly say that they will commit these evil atrocities.  Instead, they always disguise themselves as good until they brainwash their subjects (“useful idiots” – Vladimir Lenin) into believing good is bad and vis-versa.  In the case of Antifa and BAMN, we see their leaders take this approach.  On the east coast, we have seen “community garden” projects and “Food not Bombs” sprout up (This was confirmed through one of our undercover personnel).  What I personally saw was a group speaking out against the removal of illegal immigrants.  If you say any type of “wrong think”, they attack you with insults and without provocation they begin to use violence.

Watch here as a member of BAMN attacks someone trying to get into a public meeting and then claim he attacked her.

Once this tactic of pushing against “wrong think” starts they also start rewarding “right think”.  “Right think” includes cutting off all of your close friends and family that do not completely agree with the positions that you now hold.  It’s a form of manipulation that cult leaders such as Jim Jones frequently use.

Reference this talk between Joe Rogan and Steven Hassan. Have a look for about two minutes from the point provided to get the basic idea of it.


So now you’re in

Once you’re in the group, they barely mention the violence the group commits.  It is explicitly “wrong think” to even mention it.  They speak against violence, quoting Yevette Felarca, “We don’t use weapons and knives, but we will resist”.

Just a short time later, in the protest, they escalate it into a riot by using weapons such as flag poles and 2×4’s with nails sticking out of them.  Watch this

From the rhetoric that they propagate, a lot of these people believe that they are not using weapons.  Shields are very much a defensive tool when used as such, but when you use it as a tool to hit someone, it becomes a weapon.  This brings me to their self-defense claim.  They teach that words are weapons and you have the right to defend yourself from people saying, “hurtful things.”  Please reference the videos of the patriot group trying to attend the BAMN meeting and one of the organizers keeps yelling about being assaulted, even though every patriot kept a respectable distance.

The other strategy of attack that they use: simple labeling and the existence of that labeled group is dangerous to their own existence.  The main target of their existence strategy are whites.

Check out this compilation made by Vincent from The Red Elephants.

It is commonly said, that the first person to reference Hitler in an argument loses.  Here is a quote that is to good to leave out though.  “…the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.” -Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf).  Please explain to me some major difference from the rhetoric of the “evil white male” as compared to Hitler’s explanation of the Jews.  I can’t find any evidence of substantive difference.

I want to go back to the Campus Reform video and explain a few more things before we move into the next part.  The organizers who worked at the school had to adhere to the public meetings rules: anyone can attend a publicly held meeting.  By setting up their meeting in that public room, they agreed to those terms and by trying to keep the College Republicans out, they set themselves up for failure.  I was in contact with the President of the Berkeley College Republicans who was aware of this, and his main goal was to quietly attend the meeting and record what was being said to prepare a counter argument later.  He clearly states his respectable intentions in the multiple videos published and linked above.

Without most of the meetings attendees being able to hear and understand this argument, the organizers of the meeting start a smear campaign on the outside group.  Instead of referencing the rule violation, they blamed the cops and called them fascist, sexist, Nazis.  This labeling dehumanizes their opposition and prepares them in a military type fashion for violence in the future.


Your first rally

Let’s take a quick trip into the mind of a first time “peaceful protester” at these events:

You show up ready to yell and scream at people who are “evil”.  As you get there you hear a speech with the quote “We don’t use weapons and knives, but we will resist.”  Before long you are in a mob and you are chanting with everyone.

To understand the power of mob mentality, watch these two videos.

Let’s remember that one of the key components of the Asch confirmation studies, was the level of self-esteem the subjects have.  People who perceived themselves as ugly or incompetent, were more likely to follow in group think.  Therefore, I believe we have the two main different type of SJW’s in these groups.  You have the ones where they are already considered ugly through poor eating and hygiene habits, and then you have the ones that are beaten down by the group slowly, until they conform to turning themselves into the stereotype we typically see.

Once you are pressured into the mob’s commission of the crime, you are trapped.  The group knows about your involvement.  Any further retraction, or falling back from the group will come with the never spoken, but known, threat of being turned into the authorities.  We saw this with how quickly the Antifa ground troops surrendered Eric Clanton as a “Rat” in this flyer here.

I’ll finish this part with a quick clip of one of the Antifa members ordering the destruction of @KPikklefield equipment.  He was hospitalized and you can help him with his medical bills here.

Video of Antifa ordering destruction of property.

All this evidence, points to the fact, that they have similar tactics to cult leaders like Charles Manson.  Our children are being indoctrinated, and we are doing nothing as a nation to stop this.  Yevette Felarca is one such person that we can use as a thermometer to measure where we are at.  She is currently teaching at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, in Berkeley California.  At this moment (August 30, 2017), she is on administrative leave, but previously she was teaching our children, and we are all paying her to do it.  Because she hasn’t been fired, she is being paid to riot and destroy our cities.  We need to stop this!

Berkeleyside article referencing her on administrative leave.


On my next article, I will be talking about how some other curious people and myself infiltrated the group BAMN for a couple events, AFTER they doxed me!  Right after that article, I will be releasing my detailed comparison of these modern-day Alt-Left organizations, and cults like the Charles Manson.  The social normatives they claim to fight against are their greatest weakness, and they know it.