Huckabee: “Somebody Ought To Go To Prison” – Obama Funneled Billions To Anti-Trump Groups, Tapped Trump Tower Phones

Did President Obama Spy On Donald Trump?    The Media Is Lying About Trump Tower Wiretapping!

Former Arkansas Governor and Republican Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, was outraged when appearing on the network where he had previously starred in his own successful TV show.  There were none of the sappy smiles which usually took up residence on his face.  You see, when the Governor gets outraged, it’s for a good reason.  And when the Former Pastor does rarely become outraged, he can do righteous indignation with the best of them!

What Huckabee was so upset about in his interview with Martha McCallum was a quiet, shadowy change in rules implemented by Obama and, in effect, taking money from the innocent Americans who deserved it, and giving it instead to ultra-far leftist non-profit organizations who were uniformly and resoundingly anti-Trump in this last election.  These findings were spearheaded by the House Judiciary Committee and “point to a process shrouded in secrecy whereby monies were distributed to a labyrinth of non-profit organizations involved with grass-roots activism,” which generally meant democrat voter registration and get the vote out efforts, according to  Clearly, not just Huckabee, but any red-blooded American, should be outraged too, by the time they finish this article.

Trump The Triumphant Tweeter

In fact, Obama has recently stepped in it big time, in more ways than one.  Since President Trump’s triumphant speech before the joint session of Congress as well as all of America, Obama and his sycophants have tried every single attack they could think of to try to pull President Trump back down to their level, endlessly beating the tiresome drum of “Russia! Russia! Russia!” (in full partnership with the mainstream media).  But, Trump has done recently what he is best at, and that is going on the offensive and being the attacker rather than the target.  And it has been working for him the last few days.  Obama and his people have been back on their heels a bit, not used to the unrelenting, unwavering, and implacably persistent, power wielded by the Titular Titanic Tweeter, Trump.


At the same time, the new President has gained some reinforcements in the form of Congressional Republicans accompanying Trump on the offensive against Obama and his minions.  As of this moment, fans of Trump and Congressional Republicans, are blessed with being able to choose between two great issues occurring at this time.  One is Obama’s unconstitutional theft of money from it’s proper, deserving, beneficiaries, but finally getting caught.  The other is the crooked cacophony and corruption of the former president who was either too arrogant or too entitled to see what the eventuality of ordering his cohorts to do, in conducting espionage on the opposing Presidential Candidate, who then became President-Elect, and finally took over the White House, yet still has to wrap up the loose ends of eliminating the “shadow government” which was just so beneficently installed by Obama on his way out, could do to diminish not only his precious “legacy self-image,” but also the numbers of eager enlistees in his OFA anarchists, as well as the carefully crafted shadow government proxies who are doing his partisan nefarious bidding, unconstitutionally, from the bowels of the bloated bureaucratic federal government buildings. 

Shady Shadow Government

Huckabee and Congressional companions of the red state persuasion, are rightly outraged and upset over the downright stealing of billions of dollars from its rightful owners and giving it instead to his liberal socialist friends who can help get more people like Obama elected in the future.  Here’s what’s up:  just ask yourself, should a President be able to take money which by all accounts should go back to customers or taxpayers, and just arbitrarily give that money to the pet charity groups of their own political party, so as to gain more voters and more volunteers for their partisan politics, when the people they are left representing by doing so, are less than half of the voters in the country?  And yet, this is exactly what Obama and his DOJ have been doing all throughout his presidency.

So far, the Department of justice has taken in billions of dollars through what Republicans are calling a “slush fund scheme,” according to congressional investigators.  From there, investigators have accounted for the Obama administration funneling more than $3 billion to “non-victim entities,” according to a report.  Or, as Martha McCallum, host of “The First 100 Days” on Fox News describes it:  “A slush fund that funnels money away from those who deserve it and gives it to the former president’s political allies.”


Slush Fund Scheme On Steroids

In a nutshell, when the DOJ targets a corporation or big bank with legal action because of bad business practices, the best thing most businesses can do is try to settle quickly (after all, not many people can afford to take on an entity in an attrition of money supply, when their opposition can simply print more money).  While some money may go to the victims and some back to the taxpayers in the Treasury, still some is allowed to go to these non-profit, but hyper-partisan organizations.  Now, the DOJ settlements don’t specify who will get that extra money, and the House Judiciary committee has disclosed that the Obama administration has steered it all to progressive groups, considered to be on the alt-left.  Some of the largest recipients to date are:  the National Council of La Raza, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC), and the National Urban League, all of which promote liberal causes and push for more democrat votes.  NCRC in particular has a “checkered history” of promoting “illegal immigration and advocating for benefits and driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants,” according to Fox News.  They are also strongly opposed to Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  Yet, the DOJ considers the money “donated voluntarily” to these radical organizations.  Neither does the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recognize that this slush fund is a direct circumvention of the constitutional authority of only the Legislature to have the “Power of the Purse.”

Shakedown Breakdown Take-down

However, Tom Fitton, of the Conservative Watchdog Group, Judicial Watch, likens it to a “Shakedown, it’s corrupt, pure and simple.  Advocates for big government and progressive power are using the Justice Department to extort money from corporations,” Fitton told Fox News.  He believes that ALL of the money should go back to the taxpayers, according to Fox.  As shakedowns go, at $3 billion and counting, this one is of gargantuan proportions.  It exceeds, by an exponential factor, anything Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, the Big Kahunas of huckster hustle shakedown artists, have ever pulled off.  It even obliterates the sums of the conniving cons – the crooked, corrupt, criminal, Clintons and their fraudulently fixed financial foundations, fleecing folks for the formulation of a fabulous family fortune!


Red Pill


‘To Turn It Into Political Activism Absurd’

In October, 2016, Peter Schweizer, President of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) told Fox News (in the same video above, with Mike Huckabee), “To turn it into political activism, you know, is absurd, and I think you know, is something that I think requires a congressional investigation.  And people at DOJ need to be held to account.”  Republicans in both the Senate and the House have introduced legislation to stop the slush funds, and Congress is now investigating another partisan political pratfall of progressives.  Republicans in Congress had tried to eliminate these slush fund proceedings last year, (but Obama pledged to veto any alterations of his illegal liberal organization funding scheme using taxpayer dollars), noting that there are often duplicates over and above the amounts Congress had already budgeted for certain people, and decrying with disdain the Obama administration’s penchant for lopping off huge chunks of corporation’s fines, if they would only donate to the “right” organizations.  And, when I say “right” organizations, I of course mean “left” organizations.  Just like how Bank of America was allowed to wipe $225 million off its $16.6 billion settlement, simply by donating $100 million to liberal-affiliated nonprofits and legal groups, according to the Washington Examiner.


Reverse Robin Hood

Republicans also argue that these leftist based discount policies serve to incentivize companies to give more and more to liberal causes.  “It’s clear partisan politics played a role in the illicit actions that were made,” Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, told Fox News.  “The DOJ is the last place this should have occured.”  In the same Fox News video, Martha McCallum asks Huckabee, “Didn’t you just assume that the money was going to the people who got hurt in those transactions?  I mean, it’s unbelievable!”  The Governor answers back sternly, “Yeah, it is unbelievable!  Somebody ought to go to prison for this.  I mean, this is worse than a Mafia shakedown because, at least if the Mafia shakes you down for protection, your store doesn’t burn down.  But, this is a case where the liberals have played Robin Hood.  They’ve stolen from the government, the taxpayers, and they’ve given it to their pals!”

The Tweets Heard ‘Round The World!

Getting back to Obama and Trump:  It Was The Tweets Heard ‘Round The World :  Donald Trump, current President of the United States, accusing former president Obama of wiretapping or “bugging” his communications devices or areas, or at least some within President Trump’s campaign and staff headquarters, Trump Tower.  And, although the President was up and tweeting before the birds were, a totally astonished country woke up with an attitude of “this can’t possibly be true, can it?” But, it could!  And, through the course of the day, Obama, just like all of his advisers and former staff had already done before him, issued a non-denial denial, in effect saying through his spokesperson Kevin Lewis, that the former president and his staff did not ask the secret FISA Court for authorization to wiretap Trump Tower and eavesdrop on private communications:  “A cardinal rule of the Obama administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice.  As part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen.  Any suggestion otherwise is simply false.”

Non-Denial Denial

But, what they may as well have said by their hugely obvious and stark omission, is that one of the many Intelligence Agencies, operating in conjunction with Obama and members of his White House Staff, sought and obtained the authorization, conducting the actual spying and subsequently reporting back to the former president on developments or non-developments, as may be the case.  We are seeing many former Obama staffers admit to this very thing all over Fox News and the Internet, yet in true Orwellian fashion, we are concurrently seeing the Mainstream Media in full frontal assault mode as they almost reflexively deny and cover-up for any breach of constitutionality, any lack of probity, or any dodge of accountability ever emanating from Mr. Obama or Hillary Clinton.  View President Trump’s tweets below.

Here are the tweets:


Take A Little Trip

Now,  just imagine for a moment, that we’re back in the year 2008.  The story has just broken that Vice President Dick Cheney has been secretly spying on Democratic Presidential Nominee, Senator Barack Hussein Obama, using wiretaps to monitor Obama’s conversations before the 2008 election.  You think the coverage you’ve seen of the carnage caused by democrats rioting all over the country the last few years was bad?  You would have witnessed destruction and devastation at a near seismic level!  And yet, there were some very good justifications for candidate Obama to have been spied on, i.e., his close affiliation and associations with:  admitted domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn (famous for the quote, “The real terrorist is the American government”) in whose living room Obama launched his political career;  the controversial and anti-American pastor of black liberation theology, Jeremiah Wright (famous for the quote,”No, no, not God bless America!  God damn America!” which he issued from his pulpit), in whose church Obama had spent over 20 years;  and the criminal non-profit organization, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), with whom Obama had done nearly all of his “Community  Organizing.”  ACORN was forced into bankruptcy and disbanded after losing several lawsuits alleging that they encouraged criminal behavior, including voter fraud through falsified voter registrations and duplicate, multiple voting by individuals, as well as the illegal use of another’s name or social security number, and voting in the place of a dead person.  But, did President George W. Bush and VP Dick Cheney ever spy on Obama?  Of course not.  Then again, in keeping with longstanding tradition on presidential decorum, President Bush has still never even publicly criticized his predecessor, Bill Clinton, or his successor, Obama, one single time about anything whatsoever.  So, maybe comparisons between Bush and Obama or Republicans and Democrats, just aren’t really fair!

A Complete Disconnect

And now former president Obama is embarking upon another completely unprecedented dagger through historical tradition and presidential decorum – he is staying in Washington D.C., in his multi-million dollar mansion, in order to do nothing more than attempt to disrupt and dispose of the presidency of Donald Trump.  He has even gone so far as to have his long time Aide and confidant, Valerie Jarrett, move into his mansion in order to use it as the official nerve center to mastermind and organize Obama’s crusade to oust the current sitting President Donald Trump, either by forcing his resignation or impeachment.  There appears to be a complete disconnect when it comes to the former president and reality.  You see, while most Americans find Obama personally likable, the vast majority have also found his policies and political ideology increasingly less to their liking as he has attempted for the last eight years to drag this country further and further to the far left.  As a result, the Democrat Party has suffered extensive losses in power from federal all the way down to local offices throughout the nation.  And the election of Donald Trump, along with Republican control of both houses of Congress, were the result of a total repudiation of the ultra-leftist policies which have been shoved down the throats of patriotic Americans over the last eight years.  Yet, Obama and the DNC seem to have learned nothing from what the American electorate has so obviously been trying to tell them.

Case In Point

Case in point:  To Obama making all sorts of concerning, questionable, clandestine, and iniquitous actions at the very end of his term, it just makes one want to scream out “STOP!  You do NOT have a mandate to enforce your will and inflict your ideology upon the nation, when you and your party have just been unceremoniously, unexpectedly, and uniquely historically, thrown out of office, out of power, and were supposed to have stopped foisting your policies upon an unsuspecting public who had just thoroughly rejected those same far left policies resoundingly in a free and fair election!”



Obama’s Silent Coup Against Trump

In foreboding form, Rush Limbaugh warned on March 3, about “A silent coup that was put into place by Obama and the democrats during the transition and before, after the election.  What is happening here is a full-fledged effort to deny Trump the actual control … of the government, by leaving so many Obama career people appointed, by going so slowly on confirming so many of Trump’s cabinet appointees.  I’m telling you, if you want to find out who’s really working together to sabotage the United States, you find the link between Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and the Russian government.  That’s the story.”  Mark Levin and many others have also agreed with the “secret” or “silent coup” description as democrats loyal to Obama, Clinton, and Kerry, are operating an illegal “shadow government” from their positions.  This has led to a veritable witch-hunt against all things Donald Trump and all of his staff, including the blatant declassifying of information in part, and out of context, after the election, for the sole purpose of trying to make Trump and his cabinet members look bad.  This has already led to the resignation of National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn (for simply making VP Mike Pence look bad), and democrats are now calling for the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions (for answering a question asked about his role in the Trump campaign, in the context of his role in the Trump campaign).

‘The Evidence Is Not There’

So, even with all of the spying and eavesdropping tools at the fingers of Obama and his staff, they still cannot find any evidence at all that President Trump or any of his people, has ever committed any wrongdoing, or even ever discussed the hacking of the DNC emails, with regard to Russia.  And remember, the Russians did not “hack our election” as the liberal media would like you to believe, they hacked the DNC emails which were subsequently published, revealing malfeasance, collusion between Clinton and party leaders against Bernie Sanders, the disclosure of debate questions ahead of time to Clinton by the DNC Chairman, and many unflattering observances of Hillary’s personality, as well as anti-Semitism and other prejudicial or racist remarks.  Observe an Obama partisan and expert on Russia, Michael McFaul, former Ambassador to Russia under President Obama, admit that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever linking anyone from the Trump camp to Russia’s hacking of the DNC:  “With respect to coordination about the campaign, that’s the number one question, that’s the Watergate moment, that’s when everything gets really serious.  And, up to this point, there is not, especially on the record here as we are today, I’m not willing to speculate about that because the data is just not there, the evidence is just not there.”


So, after being rejected in their first attempt to get permission, the Obama administration was finally able to gain authorization under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) to wiretap Trump Tower and secretly eavesdrop and spy on Donald Trump and his staff, in October, 2016, just a few weeks prior the the presidential election.  And, since FISA is a “secret” court, there has been no official justification given as to what (supposedly) constituted the necessary probable cause that is required in order to grant such a request, especially against an American citizen on U.S. soil, not to mention that this person was the Republican Nominee for President of the United States at the time.  However, once achieving the wiretaps, there was found to be no conclusive evidence of collusion with Russia, no criminal wrongdoing whatsoever.

Cease And Desist?

At that time then, did the spying and eavesdropping immediately cease and desist because the so-called “suspicions of criminal wrongdoing” with regard to any contact by any members of the Trump campaign or administration with any Russians, had been assuaged and Trump’s team completely cleared of said suspicions?  No, absolutely not!  Barack Obama and his cohorts decided to unconstitutionally continue to eavesdrop and spy, with the hopes of learning much more about Trump’s inner circle, their upcoming plans, and any other possible weaknesses or operational intelligence and information with which Obama could use in an attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump as the rightful and deserving 45th President of these United States.  For his part, Trump, through tweets sent out by his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, stated “President Trump is requesting that as part of their investigation into Russian activity, the congressional intelligence (talk about an oxymoron!) committees exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016,” according to the Independent.  They continued:  “Neither the White House nor the President will comment further until such oversight is conducted.”

The Widest Of Nets

In the final analysis, Obama’s wiretapping of Trump Tower was basically nothing more than a fishing expedition.  And one, indeed, where the very widest of nets had been cast as a catch-all for anything and everything that could possibly be used in any nefarious manner to incredulously conjure constant criticism of the credibility of the Trump presidency.  In other words, like nearly everything Obama, it was all done solely for partisan political purposes.  It is at times like this that it serves us well to remember the words of the satanist, Saul Alinsky, in his book entitled “Rules for Radicals,” which has been unofficially adopted as the Democrat Party playbook, manual, and bible over the last fifty years;  that is, “The Ends justifies Any Means Necessary to achieve it.”  No wonder a greater and greater number of democrats are Atheists or Secular Progressives now (remember the DNC Convention before last, when the members in what seemed like the entire stadium of over 20,000 boisterously booed the name of Jesus three times because they wanted no mention of Him in their party platform?!).  But, they sure worship big government now and treat politics as their fanatical religion, with abortion on demand being its most holy and sacred sacrament.

And still, Obama disciples and democrat devotees, in lockstep with the liberal mass media, are denying that there are any wiretaps and denouncing the Donald as delirious for announcing to the world that there are.  But wait, democrat talking heads are still out there saying that Trump is telling the truth, and they are citing sources from the Obama administration as proof positive!  Cathy Areu, former HHS Department Senior Adviser, appearing on Fox New’s Watter’s World with Kimberly Guilfoyle March 4th stated:  “My source from the White House said she thinks it’s ALL TRUE!  She said ‘There were concerns that Trump and his surrogates may have been colluding with the Russians as a possible bargaining chip to influence the election.'”

‘It’s All True!’

Guilfoyle responded to Areu:  “It just seems highly suspicious because that seems to be being used for improper means – in fact to say ‘Well, we want to spy on them to see what they’re doing during this election process, where there’s this tight race between, at the time, candidate Trump and Hillary Clinton.'”


‘The White House Was Aware’

Areu replied:  “The White House, my source, said ‘The intelligence community did its due diligence given the threat of the Russian influence.’  So, it’s merely due diligence by conducting the wiretapping.  They had to do it.  Something was heard.  They did their due diligence.  So she was confirming that the White House and administration was aware of it.”

Geraldo Rivera joined the discussion:  “I can’t imagine the President wouldn’t know.”

Guilfoyle continued trying to grasp some justification for the wiretapping:  “The President can’t specifically order it himself.  It has to be an intelligence agency or the FBI putting in for it.  But what was the nexus for it?  What in fact generated this request, this interest?  What was it based on?  There has to be a legal reason, and it can’t be that one side was trying to weigh and tip the election based on their ideology or political orientation.”

‘Can’t Imagine President Wouldn’t Know’

Geraldo Rivera stressed some clarity:  “General Flynn and Jeff Sessions are not accused of espionage or anything like it.  That’s way different than this national security that they knew or they were dealing with the Russians.  We’ve got to be clear about that.”

But then, this entire FISA fiasco was deliberatively dissected and defined by a man who truly knows whereof he speaks, CIA Trained Intelligence Operative, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer:


‘Clinton Campaign Had Contacts With Foreign Nations, Investigated For Pay-To-Play’

“I’m sorry, due diligence is not a legal standard for extraordinary use of intelligence resources as probable cause.  So that’s the first mistake.  And Kimberly, as you pointed out in the introduction, another campaign, the Clinton campaign, actually had, overtly, contacts with foreign nations, and were actually being looked at for pay-to-play.  So that to me is the probable cause you would have to actually do the collection (of information).  There is no evidence of this in the Trump campaign.  And, let me be very clear on this; this has been going back, rumors have been floating around about this since before last summer, actually, the rumor that they would do something extraordinary.  And one of the reasons we’re seeing this displayed as it is, is because, Kimberly, they (President Obama and the Clintons) didn’t think they could lose.

‘They Didn’t Think They Could Lose’

“So what I think Mr. Trump is now seeing is he’s getting read into new intelligence programs.  He’s seeing the true capabilities which we can’t get into here, and the other thing that should have been matched with probable cause is, there’s no restrictions on how much we can collect on foreign powers, to include the Russians.  If there were indications through collections against the Russians something was going on, that would serve as probable cause.  Clearly, that didn’t exist because the FISA Court request was turned down in June.  This was a fishing expedition using highly technical, highly classified capabilities, which has resulted in, I believe, a major violation of multiple elements of U.S. 18 codes and some other things too.  When you get to this level of issue, the President is personally aware of everything going on.  So his (Obama’s) statement today about this non-denial denial, was a confirmation.  So we have to understand that he was involved, he at least was tacitly knowledgeable.  And, therefore, he is responsible – the buck stops with him.  So, I think we have to start with that premise.

‘No Possibility President Obama Not Fully Aware’

“The President knew.  When did he know?  What did he know?  And why did the justification go forward knowing full well this was a due diligence, not probable cause issue?  That’s something that has to be resolved.  All parts of this were being centrally coordinated by the White House, by President Obama’s personal staff.  There’s absolutely no possibility President Obama was not fully aware of what was going on and, more importantly, that this was a fishing expedition.  There was nothing factual to it.  I’ve said on the networks several weeks ago, there’s been trip wires laid out.  And we all know that there’s been significant leaks of intelligence information to certain outlets, not you guys – New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, NBC.  And those leaks came from insider Intelligence Officers who I would say, I’ll go so far to say, they were probably involved in this very collection we’re now talking about.  They leaked it.

Mic drop ….  Elvis.  Has.  Left.  The.  Building ….