Laguna Beach Anti-illegal Immigration Event Threatened By Far Left

 Victims Of Illegal Immigration

A regular event in Laguna Beach that has been held every month since May is under attack. The event is an America First vigil to remember the victims of illegals and refugees. The inspiration to have the event was Ann Coulter’s book “Adios America.” The mainstream media works so hard at covering up and obfuscating the legal status of killers, rapists, and other criminals, that many people don’t know what a threat they are to national security.

Only in the most extreme of circumstances do we ever hear that refugees and immigrants commit crimes. Even then, the media immediately attempts to spin the news. A good example is the case of Cosmopolitan Magazine printing that Muslims were helping out the victims of an Islamic terrorist attack by giving them free cab rides, and then posting a picture which showed that it was actually a Sikh, not a Muslim. This was a blatant attempt to save the image of Muslims after yet another Jihadi Islamic terrorist bombing targeting children. But when they couldn’t find a Muslim to take a picture of, they instead tried to pass off a Sikh as a Muslim. This was an inexcusably vile, and culturally insensitive gaffe, as many Sikhs oppose Islam vehemently.

What is the Threat?

“It’s Going Down” is an alt-left website that is a central organizing platform. It publishes articles in an attempt to provoke decentralized action against individuals and events. It has been responsible for fanning the flames of radical leftist anger into outright displays of unprovoked violence and destruction of property. In the last few months “It’s Going Down,” the “OC Weekly,” and “Mother Jones” have all targeted the promoter of this event, Johnny Benitez, with bizarre and ridiculous claims. Mother Jones writer Shane Bauer claimed that Benitez had been fighting all day in Berkeley, when in reality (granted, a place the left spend very little time in), he was defending himself from thrown projectiles and left-wing terrorism.

We have all seen the videotapes of the ISIS style black-masked, degenerate leftist fascists, Antifa, continuously attacking any and all who stand in their way of shutting down the free speech rights of all but those on the extreme left, while they rampantly smash out windows and burn down buildings. It is within the smug Orwellian confines of cover granted by the likes of Mother Jones’ Bauer, IGD and OC Weekly, that their radical fascist, alt-left, violent domestic terrorist, Antifa cohorts and communist comrades, take shelter in their black-masked anonymity.

Other claims include that Johnny is a prominent fascist leader in the region. There is no limit to the imagination of these basement dwellers, but their rhetoric does tend to inspire a response. Because of that, an increased police presence is expected.

Only Time Will Tell …

At the last event, one homeless man was arrested for public intoxication after harassing people walking by. Another young man came over and claimed to be an illegal Islamic immigrant. He stated he had no job and was happy to be homeless. He was asked to leave by the police as he began to get more aggressive. These attacks, however, were incidental. Only time will tell what lengths the left will go to in their attempts to shut these America First events down. One thing is perfectly clear though, they hate this country and its constitution with a seething, red hot passion.

Still, even though these patriots face the constant threat of leftist repression and violent physical attacks, they are undeterred. They will be at this event and determined to make their voices heard. Every month, the crowd in front of the boardwalk on PCH and Broadway gets bigger and bigger.